Segway Experience

Location: Cheshire Segway

I bought Andy at Christmas a Segway experience for two – it’s something which he had always wanted to do, so my theory was book the experience and we can go to Cheshire Oaks shopping as well and make a day of it.

We finally got round to booking the experience last week for 25th June 2016. We weren’t too sure what to expect, all I knew is that we would be going round some woods on the segways.

When we arrived, we had a little introduction on how to use the segways and then a little trial of us using them being guided by the staff. I will admit it was a little strange at first, but you soon get used to it.

The venue had a little course for us to around on, so we could get used to cornering and going up and down hills. I can honestly put my hands up and say I thought I would be first one to come off, but luckily for me I didn’t fall off once.

Once we had had a couple laps on the course, we then headed into the woods. To start with our top speed was 2 miles a hour, but when you’re on a piece of equipment you’re not sure of then, then it is pretty speedy.

Being a dare devil myself and loving  a bit of speed, I soon got the hang of handling the segway and was trying to go as fast as I could – well as fast as the guy in front me was going! We pulled over at one point and had our photos taken and then the segways were cracked up to 12 miles per hour! It certainly got more fun, speeding through to trees and trying to avoid the roots on the floor. At one point I’d hit a root of a tree and my feet left the segway! I did scare myself a little bit then!!


We absolutely enjoyed the experience from start to finish and will certainly be heading back again to have another go.

Have you been on a segway – what was your experience like?

Sam x


Meet the clan

As I have previously mentioned, I have four cats! A crazy number of cats to have in a 3 bedroom house and for them to be indoor cats too! Saying that, they’re my babies and I thought I would share them with you!


Molly, although I love her dearly, wasn’t meant to be my cat. She was bought as a present for one of my best friends for her birthday. I picked her up on the Saturday and she was going to given to my friend on the Monday, however by the Saturday evening, my ex had fallen in love and given her a name and it looked like she was staying! She has couple of nicknames: Mol, Tubby, Tubbster and her party tricks are being able to open doors and playing fetch.



We decided to get Lily to keep Molly company. As we both worked full time, it only made sense that they would be able to entertain each other. She is a tiny cat, so think she must have been the runt of the litter. Her nicknames are Lil and Pod and she doesn’t like children and takes ages to warm to visitors. You will more than likely find her behind the sofa waiting for everyone to leave!



Daisy got treated like the baby when I first had her as she was meant to be the last cat! She was my sob story. She was on Facebook and the person needed to get rid of her that day, so in my eyes I went and rescued her! The nickname I have given Daisy is D-Cat. You can tell that she loved me as much as I love her by the way she looks at me and also for the fact that no other cat is allowed to sit on my lap if she is around. Daisy can also play fetch and loves tea!



And, we come to Lola. She was a gift to me – Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, Christmas – everything basically. She is a Ragdoll and has stunning blue eyes! Her nickname is is Lolie, although she doesn’t know her own name but she certainly knows she is a princess!


So, that’s my cats! Do you have cats? There has to be more crazy cat people out there somewhere!

Sam x

A – Z of me!

One of the things which was on my list to write about and I’ve seen so many order bloggers doing it as well, is an A-Z about me. For me I love finding out random pieces of information about people, so in my eyes, this is perfect for you guys to have a seek peek into my life.

So.. Here it goes..

A – Andy, or the better of half of me, I’m sure he would agree on! We’ve been together for 2 years now and have been friends easily 10 years if not a little more! He is the person I love most and every day I’m sure I fall a little more in love!! Aawwwww! Don’t worry, it’s not all soppy!


B – My Brother, Barry. There’s just the two of us. He’s 2 years older than me and him and his wife are expecting their first child this year!

C – Cancer. For those who haven’t caught up with my cancer story (you can read it here if you haven’t already!), I am a proud cervical cancer survivor! 2016 marks my 5 years of having the all clear! A huge milestone for any cancer patient!

D – Driving. I have been driving since 2005 and it was the best thing I’ve done. I come from a small village where there is one bus every hour which goes one way out of the village and another which runs every two hours the other way, so driving for me was an absolute must!

E – Eggs. I will only eat the white bit unless it is runny! Strange, I know, but it has like a chalky feel to it and I just don’t like it! But I love a boiled egg!

F – Four. I have four cats! And if you think that is crazy, they are four INDOOR cats! There can literally be so much s**t some days! But they are my babies and I wouldn’t be without them! Their names are Molly, Lily, Daisy and Lola.


G – Grey. It’s my favourite colour with is an odd one, but there are so many shades to it and there’s just something about it! I also currently have more grey hairs than my Nan, Mum and brother, which is slightly depressing! If I could just wake up and I be grey all over, I’d be happy but it’s the transition of going from one colour to another that I hate!

H – House. Andy and I bought and moved into our new house June 2015 and this past year has been amazing. We have figured out we can not build flat pack furniture together, but apart from that everything else has been fine! (I’m right and he thinks he’s right is why we can’t flat pack together!!)

I – iPhone. I wouldn’t be without it! As well as my iPad and my Apple Watch too!

J – Job. Currently I’m an Order Processor, Marketing and HR coordinator. Nice varied!

K – Kia. I treated myself to a new car and got a Kia Rio. I love it! Especially the heated seats!

L – Libby. My longest friend. She is always there when I need her, even if we go months without speaking. I know if I need her, she will be there regardless. And I know she will never judge me for mistakes I’ve made.

M – Mum. I grew up in a single parent family. Dad up and left and that was pretty much it, so it’s always just been the three of us. I can appreciate now hard she worked (still now) and managed to keep a roof over our heads.

N – Nephews & Nieces. All together Andy and I have 3 nephews, Henry, James and Ellis and 2 nieces, Sydney and Alice with one more niece on the way from my brother and sister in law. They’re all funny in their own little ways, which makes Andy and I dote on them!

O – Operations. So far in my life I’ve had 4 operations. The most recent being last week. I have one more scheduled that I know of, but who knows what else life is going to throw at me!

P – Paperchase. I LOVE stationary! absolutely love it! I can spend ages in there searching for the right thing. Although I can come out disappointed if I haven’t bought anything! My favourite thing I’ve bought is my cat highlighters! Being a crazy cat lady who love stationary – these are perfect!

Q – Quinn. This is a family name and one which I want to use when I have children. It comes from my Great Nan, whose maiden name was Quinn and when my Nan was born (she was the youngest) she had Quinn as her middle name so it stayed in the family. Unfortunately we lost Nan a few years back, but it’s something that I want to bring back into the family.

R – Right handed. Although I am right handed, I still do a lot with my left hand. I can write left handed too (I’ll admit, it’s not as neat) and I will do a lot of the ironing with my left hand too.

S – Schollops. This is a new love of mine. I only discovered them about a year or so ago and I’ve never look back since.

T – Tattoos. I have 3. 2 on my back and one on my wedding finger on the side.

U – University. I struggled with finding a ‘U’, so I thought I’d just say I didn’t go to university. I went to college and studied childcare for 3 years and that was enough for me. I wanted to go and earn some money!

V – Vegetables. I love most veg and I prefer to eat them raw where possible. There’s nothing worse that soggy veg!

W – Wine. I’m fairly new to wine drinking. I’ve only been drinking it the last couple of years, but I love it now. Not a fan of red, but wine and rose are the way forward!

X – X-Rays. Like my operations, I’ve had a fair few operations too. Mostly on my chest as I swallowed a pendent about the size of a 2p coin when I was younger! It was in the shape of a heart so it was quite funny to see the pendent glowing up on the x-ray!

Y – Yankee Candles. To say I’m obsessed is putting it politely! I have a drawer in the kitchen which is meant to hold pots and pans as it is so deep, is just full of Yankee Candles! I can’t see to get enough of them!

Z – Zzzz. I’m sure previously in another life, I was a cat. I can sleep all night, wake up do some chores or go shopping and I’m ready for another nap! It’s very rare I have any problems sleeping and could near enough sleep anywhere.

So that’s me in an A – Z. What would you have listed for yours?

Sam x

Meal Review: We Got Beef

We Got Beef, Codsall, Wolverhampton – Date of visit 17th June 2016

It’s Andy auntie’s birthday this weekend, so as normal the girls all get together and go for a meal out. This time we decided to go with We Got Beef, in Codsall, Wolverhampton.

On first impressions, it looks tiny from the outside and when you first go in, there’s hardly any space to swing a cat. But this is just the waiting area, so it’s not too bad!!

We were severed our drinks and only had to wait a few minutes to be seen to our table, upstairs! I have to admit, it was cute. The way it was lay out, even though it wasn’t a huge restaurant there were still loads of tables and plenty of room.

Now the only thing I would say, is if you’re not a burger fan, then don’t bother going, because it’s either a burger, a burger or a burger. Yes it’s not all beef, but they’re still all burgers!

There are a couple of options you can have with each burger. You can either have it as a meal, so you can choose a side, a salad and dressing and it comes with coleslaw too, or you can have the burger just by itself. And for those of us who have smaller appetites, you can have the burger as a slider on it’s own or as a mini meal. With the mini meal, everything is exactly half portion as the normal sized meal.

Now I will hold my hands up and confess that I love a good burger, whether it be beef or chicken, you can also guarantee that any meal out I will be having a burger! So I opted for ‘We Got Chicken’ burger. It came with the normal stuff you would expect from a chicken burger, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and their own secret sauce. You also had a few onion rings as well – I’m not a fan of onion rings but I was told that they are really nice and the batter on them was lovely!

The food arrived quite promptly and we all started tucked in – none of us had a bad word to say about anything, apart from mine and my sister-law’s meals were mixed up, so we ended up sharing our burgers, but I don’t really see it as a negative as they were both lovely! (She had the ‘Spicy Chicken’ burger, which I have to say, was starting to blow this little wimps socks off!!)


Here’s a picture of what I thought was my burger (it was the Spicy one!)

So here’s my thoughts:

  • Service – 4/5. I would have given more but they got our meals mixed up and you could easily tell the difference!
  • Food – 5/5. Everything was lush!
  • Price – 5/5. To have a full meal (excluding drinks) for less that £15 is a winner in my eyes!

I would highly recommend going to We Got Beef if you are in the area! You certainly won’t be disappointed!


My Pet Peeves

I have to admit I do have quite a few pet peeves, but I thought I would tell you about the ones which really get my goat!

  1. White socks. Strange I know, how can a sock really offend me that much! In all honestly I don’t know, but I just don’t like them! When a guy is all dressed up in a nice suit and they look proper dapper the worse thing they can do it team it up with white socks!! WHY?! It just looks ridiculous! Black socks are the way forward! And if your wearing shorts and really need to wear socks, then wear trainer socks!
  2. Eating with an open mouth. I’m sure this is on most people’s lists – I don’t understand why certain people feel the need to slop their food around in their mouth like they are some kind of horse. I can let people off who medically can’t chew with a closed mouth, but those that don’t, serious guys come on, its’s just polite to shut your mouth!
  3. Sniffing. When someone has a cold and they are always sniffing drives me up the wall! I have on numerous occasion just gone up to people with a tissue and told them to blow their nose! It’s just one of those noises you notice and drives you insane.
  4. Larry Let Downs – If you didn’t want to spend time with me or do a certain thing, or go to a certain place, why say yes in the first place?! I would be much happier in the long run if you told me to straight away rather than letting me down the night before or even worse on the day!
  5. Poor timing keeping – I will admit sometimes my time keeping can let me down (so, yes I actually annoy myself!!), but generally if you know you have somewhere to be, why choose to go to the loo right before we need to leave or stay in bed until the very last possible moment? (Can you tell Andy does some of these!!)
  6. Repeaters – just say what you have got to say to me – let not beat around the bush about it and then repeat it all over again! Time is key don’t you know!

Like I say, that’s just a few – I think if I listed them all I could quite possibly be here all day!

Let me know what your pet peeves are, or if you have any comments on this post I would love to hear them!

Sam x

Wondering what to write about

I have really got the bug for writing now – I feel any spare couple of minutes I want to get my laptop out and start writing, but I have found myself asking ‘What do I actually write about?!’ Now I’m sure that this is something that everyone has experienced at some point in their blogging life, whether this be at the start like me, or at some point throughout your journey!

I have to say, I love a good list, so I decided to put a list together of all the things I plan to write so far (I can only imagine that this list is going to continue growing!), so here it is:

  1. Holidays! I have one booked in October, so the plan is to give you all an update on this when I get back.
  2. Favourite iPhone apps
  3. Monthly updates – I thought I could use this one to let you all know what I have been up to on a monthly basis.
  4. Film reviews – I’m a Cineworld cardholder, so I watch a lot, so this one will most likely be repeated time and time again.
  5. Book reviews – I love reading, however never get the chance to these days. Hopefully by putting this on my list it will encourage me to start reading again!
  6. Share 5 goals I want to achieve in the next 5 years. I say 5 years because I want them to be big and exciting!!
  7. Top 10 countries I want to visit.
  8. Meals out – Andy and I love a good meal out, so when it’s really good I will be writing about it.
  9. Blog anniversary – I’ve put this one on in the hope that it will keep me going and that this blogging won’t just be a fad.
  10. A-Z list – now I saw this on my friends blog and have been inspired to try and write something similar.
  11. Childhood memories – There are some hilarious ones I’m sure!
  12. Cats! I have 4 so it makes sense to write about them!
  13. How to make the best cup of tea! Andy and I have many debates on how to make the perfect brew and I know I’m right so it’s only right to share it!
  14. Product reviews – I’m not sure how often I would do this, but I’m sure when I try something new I will share it.
  15. Crafts – I’m a knitter and a crocheter, so I will share my projects I am working on.
  16. Charity events – I have raised a lot of money over the years for Cancer Research, so I will keep you update with what I’m involved in.
  17. Pet peeves – I have a few, I’m sure I share some of you with you guys too.
  18. My dream celebrity dinner
  19. My last ever meal
  20. Make a mix tape – well sort of – I will do a list of my favourite songs and link them to the videos.
  21. What’s in my bag – when I do this, I will make sure there is something exciting in there!!

If you can think of any more that will help a newbie, please comment below, I would love to hear your feedback!

Sam x

My Cancer Story So Far…

My cancer story started back in 2010. I was 25 at the time and had put off going for my first smear test for a few months. I should have gone in January but after a little pear pressure I finally bit the bullet and went in the July. My results come back 31st August – a day I simply won’t ever forget! I’d had the afternoon off work to go shopping with a friend, so finished work, raced home to get changed and there was my letter on the floor saying that my results weren’t right and that I needed to go to the hospital for a colposcopy. My partner at the time worked away so I call him to let him know, but being down the other end of the country what could he really do? So I met with my friend and as soon as she opened the door I told her.. Do you know what she said.. ‘Well why haven’t I had my results back? I went before you!’ Needless to say I was gutted.. Why would a friend react in this way! I’ve just been told some shocking news and where is the comfort that I so desperately needed?

So off I went for my coloposcopy, not quite knowing what to expect (I had googled but scared myself as I had googled the wrong thing, so just decided to go with the flow!) and there they took three biopsies. I will admit it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but then lying there with your legs a kimbo, it never was going to be exactly wonderful! I was sent on my way, told all the usual things of not to have sex for 6 weeks, not to go swimming, use tampons and that I the hospital would write to me with the results. I kind of put this all to the back of my mind and got on with life – not everyone’s smears come back first time clear, so I was on the hope that this would all be clear and I would just have checks up a little more regularly – couldn’t have been further from the truth if I had tried!

If I remember right it took about 6 weeks for the next letter to arrive saying that they still weren’t happy with my results and that they wanted to do laser treatment! I spoke to work colleagues who had had the same thing and they reassured me that once this had been done that everything would be fine – laser treatment isn’t unusual to have after all. So off I went back to the hospital. One thing I’ve not mentioned is that the have you sitting in a clinic with expectant mothers.. nothing worse really when you are there for completely the opposite reason! On this appointment is where I met my consultant for the first time – to say he is the person who has reassured me for the last 6 years is an understatement, he really is one of the most amazing people I have met! Again, he did what he needed to do. Having laser treatment is an odd feeling, it doesn’t hurt as they numb you but it certainly was odd! He then gave me the speech again of no sex, no swimming pools, no tampons etc and sent me on my way. This time he wanted to see me back in clinic in 6 months.

You kind of forget about everything at the hospital and carry on everything else. I got married January 2011 – baring in mind that none of my family knew I was having to go back and forth to the hospital, we had the day like everything was fine.

My next appointment they did another colposcopy – I was getting used to these different things so this was fine, again saying that they would write to me with the results. This time when the letter came through it was inviting me for a LLETZ – this is just simply where they take a larger loop biopsy. I went on Wednesday 11th May 2011 and my consultant took tissue from my cervix which was about the size of a 2p – pretty big considering that your cervix isn’t very big to start with!

This time I went home expecting to hear back from the hospital in 6 weeks time like usual, however on Friday 13th May (typical isn’t it! Has to be a bloody Friay 13th!) my consultants secretary called saying that my consultant wanted to see me on the Monday – brilliant really – NOT! I had the whole weekend to work myself up over it! I’d already had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right from the very first letter and this certainly wasn’t helping with these doubts!

I have to say it was one of the longest weekends of my life. My appointment on the Monday wasn’t until 4pm, so I still had all of Monday to get through at work! However I got there and had to wait like you usually do when you just want to be seen quickly. The oncology nurses come to get me and took me to a side office and that where he said that from the loop biopsy they had found cancerous cells in most of the 2p sized tissue. He never said ‘You’ve got cancer’ like you hear on the TV, it was ‘We have found cancerous cells’. I think if he had said to me ‘You have cancer’ I would have taken it much worse, but I was like, meh it’s just cancerous cells. Talking about turning a blind eye eh!

My consultant had already got me booked in for an MRI scan on the Friday of the same week and I would also be seeing him the following week once he had the results to discuss my options.

I still continued going to work for the whole time this was going on – what else was I meant to do? Sit at home and feel sorry for myself? I’m not that kind of person, life is still going on and stuff still needs to be done, so you’ve just got to crack on right!

I will admit telling my family was the hardest part. I remember my mum breaking down in tears, not knowing what to saying or how to look at me. The hardest person to tell was my nan – she was my world and the head of the family really. She hadn’t been well herself so I didn’t want to add extra stress to her or make her even more poorly, but she still needed to know – for all I knew it was going to be a long old journey and how was I meant to keep that from her! So I told, made her sit down and everything in case she collapsed! There was no need of course, my nan was a tough as old boots! I remember she said, ‘Well it doesn’t rain it bloody pours doesn’t it!?’ Something which will always stick in my mind.

So I’d had the MRI scan done (I quite enjoyed it if I’m honest!!) and I went back to see my consultant. It was there that he gave me the option of a hysterectomy or a trachelectomy. Now I knew what a hysterectomy was but didn’t have a clue about the other. My consultant explained that rather taking everything away and me not being able to have children, that they would reduce the size of my cervix instead. The trachelectomy was what I chose, so he referred me to Birmingham City hospital to have the operation.

Off I sent on my merry way to Birmingham, with butterflies in my belly. Going to a hospital out of the county was strange and unnerving for me. But I got there, she examined me and then wrote to me with an appointment. I was due to go back 1st July to have my operation and the pre-op would be done the same week.

When I went for my pre-op, they did all the normal stuff, taking bloods, my height and weight, ECG’s etc and then I got to see my Birmingham consultant. She sat me down (I remember this clear as day and just wish I could have seen my face when she told me this..) and said to me that my cervix was already at the size that they would be looking at reducing it down to and therefore she would need to give me a hysterectomy instead!! I honestly couldn’t believe my ears!! My husband at the time told me to go for it as it would all be over and done with then!! Cheeky git, it’s not his bloody body! Now this is the only time I have ever said no to a doctor, they always know best don’t they, but not this time. I wasn’t going to give up on ME without a fight! For god sake, I had just got married and I was only 26 at the time and she wanted to take my chance of having children away, so I told her no. If need me she could have me back in 6 weeks time to do a hysterectomy then fine but for this surgery it was a no. Obviously they make you sign paperwork that says if it all goes tits up in theatre then she would be giving me a hysterectomy, but I was hopeful that there was no need for this. I needed to be anyway, everyone else seemed against me!

So 1st July comes round and I have to be in Birmingham for 7:30am, we decided to beat all of the work traffic so got up mega early and got there about 6:30am! More waiting around, caused by me this time! Surgery went well, although when I come round in recovery I remember asking what they had done – the nurses just looked at me like I was a weirdo, but I needed to know if they’d done a hysterectomy or not. It wasn’t until the following day that I found out they’d done the trachelectomy. Such a relief I can tell you! I was only in hospital for 2 days (thank god!). Although 2 days doesn’t sound too long, it felt like a week!

Anywho, back I went to Birmingham 8th July , just one week later, to have my catheter taken out (such joys of having a gyne op!). They wouldn’t let me go until I had passed enough water for their liking, but while I was there my consultant came to see me and confirmed that all the cancer had been removed in the loop biopsy I’d had previously. There was nothing in my lymph nodes either so no radiotherapy or chemotherapy for me! I had 2 more check ups at Birmingham and then I was handed back to Shrewsbury hospital. I couldn’t have been happier!

Like I say this was all back in 2010-2011, since then my check ups have gone from 3 months,  to 6 months and then the scary 12 months. I bet those of you who haven’t been in a cancer position would be wondering why 12 monthly check ups are scary, it means that everything is OK and there’s no signs of cancer coming back? Yes, your right, but having been a cancer patient the thought of it coming back preys heavily on your mind and I personally would rather go once a month to be checked and then I can have some peace of mind!

8th July 2016 will mark my 5 years being cancer free, although 5 years isn’t a long time, in one respect it feels like it was a million years ago and in another it seems to have only happened yesterday. I was extremely lucky with my cancer, but I’m glad it happened. Not only has it made me have a different out look on life (I’d still be in a unhappy marriage for starters) but it also made my relationship with my mum 100% stronger and has bought us closer than ever.

I’m proud to be a cancer survivor, I try to tell my story to as many young girls as I can – they look (as did I) at smear tests as something scary and embarrassing, but they’re not. Uncomfortable yes, embarrassing a little, but I always tell myself they have seen worse! It takes 2 minutes to do and could save your life. When you look it that way what is 2 minutes?!

Sam x