My first post!

So blogging is new to me! I’ll be honest I’m not too sure what on what I’m doing but I’m going to go along the lines of putting my thoughts on to ‘paper’!

So.. why I have I started this? Well I’ve always wanted to write a blog but I never really knew what to write about and who’s saying that they actually want to read it!? I’m sure this is something that everyone has been through so I just bit the bullet and did it!

My plan is to write about lifes adventures and boy have I had a few! I’ve been married and divorced by the time I was 30 – I like to tell myself I’m in an elite club that there’s only a few in there! I also had cervical cancer when I was 26 – I will write a post on this to give the full story, but I clear now and have been for many years. There are plenty more, but you don’t want to hear about them all in the first post right?!

One of my biggest loves in my life are my cats. I have 4 cats – crazy right? Well add in the fact that they are house cats and it truly does add a cherry to crazy cake! We have Molly who is a tabby, Lily – a tortie, Daisy who is black and Lola who is a ragdoll.

The other biggest love in my life is my partner Andy. We have been together for just over two years. Our relationship moved fairly quickly as we had already known each other for years and we ended up buying our first house together having only been together for just over a year. I think when you know it’s right, time shouldn’t be an issue and that’s how we felt. We knew what we both wanted from our relationship from the off set, so there were no nasty surprises lurking around the corner for each other. I’ve had relationships in the past where behind every corner was a surprise and I didn’t want that for us. Lets just say our cards were down on the table from the start so we both knew where we stood!


Sam x


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