Meal Review: We Got Beef

We Got Beef, Codsall, Wolverhampton – Date of visit 17th June 2016

It’s Andy auntie’s birthday this weekend, so as normal the girls all get together and go for a meal out. This time we decided to go with We Got Beef, in Codsall, Wolverhampton.

On first impressions, it looks tiny from the outside and when you first go in, there’s hardly any space to swing a cat. But this is just the waiting area, so it’s not too bad!!

We were severed our drinks and only had to wait a few minutes to be seen to our table, upstairs! I have to admit, it was cute. The way it was lay out, even though it wasn’t a huge restaurant there were still loads of tables and plenty of room.

Now the only thing I would say, is if you’re not a burger fan, then don’t bother going, because it’s either a burger, a burger or a burger. Yes it’s not all beef, but they’re still all burgers!

There are a couple of options you can have with each burger. You can either have it as a meal, so you can choose a side, a salad and dressing and it comes with coleslaw too, or you can have the burger just by itself. And for those of us who have smaller appetites, you can have the burger as a slider on it’s own or as a mini meal. With the mini meal, everything is exactly half portion as the normal sized meal.

Now I will hold my hands up and confess that I love a good burger, whether it be beef or chicken, you can also guarantee that any meal out I will be having a burger! So I opted for ‘We Got Chicken’ burger. It came with the normal stuff you would expect from a chicken burger, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and their own secret sauce. You also had a few onion rings as well – I’m not a fan of onion rings but I was told that they are really nice and the batter on them was lovely!

The food arrived quite promptly and we all started tucked in – none of us had a bad word to say about anything, apart from mine and my sister-law’s meals were mixed up, so we ended up sharing our burgers, but I don’t really see it as a negative as they were both lovely! (She had the ‘Spicy Chicken’ burger, which I have to say, was starting to blow this little wimps socks off!!)


Here’s a picture of what I thought was my burger (it was the Spicy one!)

So here’s my thoughts:

  • Service – 4/5. I would have given more but they got our meals mixed up and you could easily tell the difference!
  • Food – 5/5. Everything was lush!
  • Price – 5/5. To have a full meal (excluding drinks) for less that £15 is a winner in my eyes!

I would highly recommend going to We Got Beef if you are in the area! You certainly won’t be disappointed!



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