A – Z of me!

One of the things which was on my list to write about and I’ve seen so many order bloggers doing it as well, is an A-Z about me. For me I love finding out random pieces of information about people, so in my eyes, this is perfect for you guys to have a seek peek into my life.

So.. Here it goes..

A – Andy, or the better of half of me, I’m sure he would agree on! We’ve been together for 2 years now and have been friends easily 10 years if not a little more! He is the person I love most and every day I’m sure I fall a little more in love!! Aawwwww! Don’t worry, it’s not all soppy!


B – My Brother, Barry. There’s just the two of us. He’s 2 years older than me and him and his wife are expecting their first child this year!

C – Cancer. For those who haven’t caught up with my cancer story (you can read it here if you haven’t already!), I am a proud cervical cancer survivor! 2016 marks my 5 years of having the all clear! A huge milestone for any cancer patient!

D – Driving. I have been driving since 2005 and it was the best thing I’ve done. I come from a small village where there is one bus every hour which goes one way out of the village and another which runs every two hours the other way, so driving for me was an absolute must!

E – Eggs. I will only eat the white bit unless it is runny! Strange, I know, but it has like a chalky feel to it and I just don’t like it! But I love a boiled egg!

F – Four. I have four cats! And if you think that is crazy, they are four INDOOR cats! There can literally be so much s**t some days! But they are my babies and I wouldn’t be without them! Their names are Molly, Lily, Daisy and Lola.


G – Grey. It’s my favourite colour with is an odd one, but there are so many shades to it and there’s just something about it! I also currently have more grey hairs than my Nan, Mum and brother, which is slightly depressing! If I could just wake up and I be grey all over, I’d be happy but it’s the transition of going from one colour to another that I hate!

H – House. Andy and I bought and moved into our new house June 2015 and this past year has been amazing. We have figured out we can not build flat pack furniture together, but apart from that everything else has been fine! (I’m right and he thinks he’s right is why we can’t flat pack together!!)

I – iPhone. I wouldn’t be without it! As well as my iPad and my Apple Watch too!

J – Job. Currently I’m an Order Processor, Marketing and HR coordinator. Nice varied!

K – Kia. I treated myself to a new car and got a Kia Rio. I love it! Especially the heated seats!

L – Libby. My longest friend. She is always there when I need her, even if we go months without speaking. I know if I need her, she will be there regardless. And I know she will never judge me for mistakes I’ve made.

M – Mum. I grew up in a single parent family. Dad up and left and that was pretty much it, so it’s always just been the three of us. I can appreciate now hard she worked (still now) and managed to keep a roof over our heads.

N – Nephews & Nieces. All together Andy and I have 3 nephews, Henry, James and Ellis and 2 nieces, Sydney and Alice with one more niece on the way from my brother and sister in law. They’re all funny in their own little ways, which makes Andy and I dote on them!

O – Operations. So far in my life I’ve had 4 operations. The most recent being last week. I have one more scheduled that I know of, but who knows what else life is going to throw at me!

P – Paperchase. I LOVE stationary! absolutely love it! I can spend ages in there searching for the right thing. Although I can come out disappointed if I haven’t bought anything! My favourite thing I’ve bought is my cat highlighters! Being a crazy cat lady who love stationary – these are perfect!

Q – Quinn. This is a family name and one which I want to use when I have children. It comes from my Great Nan, whose maiden name was Quinn and when my Nan was born (she was the youngest) she had Quinn as her middle name so it stayed in the family. Unfortunately we lost Nan a few years back, but it’s something that I want to bring back into the family.

R – Right handed. Although I am right handed, I still do a lot with my left hand. I can write left handed too (I’ll admit, it’s not as neat) and I will do a lot of the ironing with my left hand too.

S – Schollops. This is a new love of mine. I only discovered them about a year or so ago and I’ve never look back since.

T – Tattoos. I have 3. 2 on my back and one on my wedding finger on the side.

U – University. I struggled with finding a ‘U’, so I thought I’d just say I didn’t go to university. I went to college and studied childcare for 3 years and that was enough for me. I wanted to go and earn some money!

V – Vegetables. I love most veg and I prefer to eat them raw where possible. There’s nothing worse that soggy veg!

W – Wine. I’m fairly new to wine drinking. I’ve only been drinking it the last couple of years, but I love it now. Not a fan of red, but wine and rose are the way forward!

X – X-Rays. Like my operations, I’ve had a fair few operations too. Mostly on my chest as I swallowed a pendent about the size of a 2p coin when I was younger! It was in the shape of a heart so it was quite funny to see the pendent glowing up on the x-ray!

Y – Yankee Candles. To say I’m obsessed is putting it politely! I have a drawer in the kitchen which is meant to hold pots and pans as it is so deep, is just full of Yankee Candles! I can’t see to get enough of them!

Z – Zzzz. I’m sure previously in another life, I was a cat. I can sleep all night, wake up do some chores or go shopping and I’m ready for another nap! It’s very rare I have any problems sleeping and could near enough sleep anywhere.

So that’s me in an A – Z. What would you have listed for yours?

Sam x


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