Meet the clan

As I have previously mentioned, I have four cats! A crazy number of cats to have in a 3 bedroom house and for them to be indoor cats too! Saying that, they’re my babies and I thought I would share them with you!


Molly, although I love her dearly, wasn’t meant to be my cat. She was bought as a present for one of my best friends for her birthday. I picked her up on the Saturday and she was going to given to my friend on the Monday, however by the Saturday evening, my ex had fallen in love and given her a name and it looked like she was staying! She has couple of nicknames: Mol, Tubby, Tubbster and her party tricks are being able to open doors and playing fetch.



We decided to get Lily to keep Molly company. As we both worked full time, it only made sense that they would be able to entertain each other. She is a tiny cat, so think she must have been the runt of the litter. Her nicknames are Lil and Pod and she doesn’t like children and takes ages to warm to visitors. You will more than likely find her behind the sofa waiting for everyone to leave!



Daisy got treated like the baby when I first had her as she was meant to be the last cat! She was my sob story. She was on Facebook and the person needed to get rid of her that day, so in my eyes I went and rescued her! The nickname I have given Daisy is D-Cat. You can tell that she loved me as much as I love her by the way she looks at me and also for the fact that no other cat is allowed to sit on my lap if she is around. Daisy can also play fetch and loves tea!



And, we come to Lola. She was a gift to me – Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, Christmas – everything basically. She is a Ragdoll and has stunning blue eyes! Her nickname is is Lolie, although she doesn’t know her own name but she certainly knows she is a princess!


So, that’s my cats! Do you have cats? There has to be more crazy cat people out there somewhere!

Sam x


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