Let’s Talk Baby Showers!

My brother and his wife are expecting their first child at the end of July and as my sister-in-law doesn’t have any sisters I felt it was my role to throw her, her very own baby shower.

I have been to a few in the past, but it it all seemed to be very Americanised! Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that the whole baby shower thing has come from America but I struggled to find games that were UK English.

I asked around a few of my friends to what they thought were good games from when they have been to showers and they came up with these:

  • Bingo! I can’t put into word how much of a fan my sister-in-law is of bingo! She loves it! And somehow, she always wins! So for me bingo was a must – the party would have been incomplete without it. Now I will hold my hands up, I couldn’t find anything that was UK English, so I had to go with American – sure I could have made it myself, but lazy bum here, only decided to do something about it the day before! This is the link of the website where I used the template from. It was dead easy to do, just print it off (comes in a set of 20) and away you go. The instructions tell you to play it when the Mum To Be is opening her gifts, but I decided to play it like normal bingo, but having the guests call out for 2 lines and then 4 lines (everyone has the same on each card but in different places).
  • The next game I chose was Baby Names. This is ideal for those who know what they are expecting and have decided on a name yet. The guests have 60 seconds to write a baby’s name for each letter of the alphabet. If there are expecting twins or they don’t know what they are having then you could always increase the time limit and get the guests to guess one boy and one girls name. After the game, you count up who had the most and there’s your winner. I wasn’t sure if my brother and sister-in-law had settled on a name as of yet, so I gave them all of the forms so they could take them away and see if there were any names they both liked! Here’s the template I made
  • I then wanted another game that was just quick and easy – so I did ‘How big is Mummy’s bump?’ Everyone had to write down on a piece of paper how big they thought the bump was (I did it in inches but you can do it in centimetres if you prefer). I then measured around the bump, around the belly button mark, and the person or people who guess nearest wins!


I hope you have enjoyed this post – what sort of games have you played at baby showers?

Sam x


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