Cancer… 5 Years On

July will always hold a special place in my heart as it is the month which I got told that I no longer have cancer!! I always treat the day as though it is my birthday (I got another chance at life so to speak so why not eh?!) so I did the normal thing of bringing in cakes for work and going out for a special meal in the evening with Andy.

Although I make a point of celebrating this day each year doesn’t mean that there is no worry throughout the year – any little twinge and alarm bells automatically start ringing, but I do have an amazing doctor behind me, who knows how worried I get and will see me at a drop of a hat. He is reassurance to my worry. I know the signs and the symptoms of cervical cancer, so I also have that as an advantage.

For me, my cancer journey has been an easy one compared to some, but it is still a life changing event for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to have cancer again, but I would much prefer to have it myself that see any one of my loved ones go through it and in a roundabout way, I’m glad I have cancer – here’s why:

  • My relationship with my Mum has never been the best – I’m jealous of those girls who have the most amazing relationships with their Mums – but the relationship I have with my Mum now has improved tenfold. For me this is a gift in itself and it was given to me by my cancer.
  • I would have been stuck in a unhappy marriage. My cancer opened my eyes to life and what is important in it. I finally found a pair of balls (after speaking with a friend of course!) and ditched him – I know I can put my hand on my heart and say this would have taken a lot longer to happen if I hadn’t been put through what I had been through.
  • Finally doing things for me. I never really did this as it was always about the ex and what he wanted to do. Now my new relationship, it’s a partnership. We are there for each other, but if I want to go out on a last minute drinking session with the girls then I can. I wouldn’t have dreamed about doing this before!

I want to tell people my story – I want young girls to know how important smear tests are and they can literally save your life. I want to be that person that girls can turn to and seek advise, which is why I’m always so open and honest about everything. I don’t want others to be turning to Google to find answers like what I did and scare yourself even more (let’s face it, it always tells you the worst even if you have broken a nail!). The unknown is a scary and dark place when you are by yourself – I want to be that candle and reassurance that everything is fine.

I’m now on yearly appointments and haven’t had a bad smear since before I was diagnosed and fingers crossed it will continue every year! The next battle I have now is having children – with everything my cervix has been through it straight down the IVF route for us – but I’ll save that story for another day!

I’m thankful for having cancer, it has completely changed me as a person and changed the way in which I view life and the people I choose to have in my life. I’m now a much more positive person than what I was 5 years ago!

Have you had cancer or a cancer scare before? How has it changed you as person?

Sam x


9 thoughts on “Cancer… 5 Years On

  1. Congrats to you for being cancer free for 5 years! As horrible as your cancer must have been for you, I’m happy to hear that it made you realise things about your life that you hadn’t realised before and that other things about your life have been changed because of it 🙂 it’s these situations where we have to look on the more positive side of things and appreciate what we have 🙂 wishing you well x


  2. Congrats on 5 years cancer free! I finished radiotherapy exactly a month ago today, I know what you mean, not only do I look completely different (chemo hair) but I feel a completely different person, can’t wait to be celebrating my cancer free news day!! (hopefully soon!) may it long continue for you! xxx

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