July Goals and To Do List

July was my first full month of blogging and I can say I have had so much fun doing it. From planning what I’m going to blog about for months in advance to keeping a check on Twitter followers and blog views.

I thought I would share with you all the goals and my to do list I had set for myself and how they turned out:


Tweet every day  – This has been so easy for me – everyone in the blogging community has made me feel so welcome and I’ve felt I have been able to interact with people without being judged. I’ve also had support for Kirsty Leanne who not only has been a friend throughout this process but she has also celebrated my small achievements with me.

At least 1 blog post per week – As I mainly blog at a weekend when I have some peace and quiet from the other half being out, I try to write at least 1 post a weekend, if I can squeeze another in, then brill. I can find sometimes, that writing not one post is even to quench my writing thrust so I find that 2 is normally a good amount for me. I just feel like I want to write all the time!!

Connect with more people on Twitter – I have been connecting with people who have similar interests to myself and so those who are newbies too – We’ve got to stick together right? Although to be honest, if your tweets and your blog are interesting then I’m going to follow!


BloggerTikiParty write up – I wanted to write about this event because it was the first one I went to. There were so many cool goodies that we got given and Kirsty Leanne had worked so hard along with Ashton Gibbs to put together for us that it felt rude not to write about it! You can find my write up on BloggerTikiParty here

Baby Shower Post – I found when looking for baby shower ideas that everything was Americanised so I wanted to put my own spin on and have some games on there that I had put together – again the link for this post is here

5 Year Cancer Free post – July is always a special month for me as it the month I got told I no longer had cancer. 5 years in the cancer world is a milestone, so I wanted to share a little bit of you journey and how having cancer has simply improved my life. Here’s the post if you haven’t read it yet.

Relay For Life – Everyone’s heard of Race For Life, well I have taken part in Relay For Life and helped raised over £30,000 in our first year. You can read here what the event is all about.

Mix Tape 2016 – I thought this could be something I can revisit every now and then, or have different themes to it. I decided that this mix tape would be a little something for my other half Andy – It is a bunch of songs which means something to me about us – here’s the link

Change my Twitter handle – One thing I learnt from the BloggerTikiParty was that your Twitter handle should really be matching your blog.Mine had always been my nickname, so I changed it to SamsAdventures1

Have 300 views on my blog – This one took a little bit of time to be honest, but I managed to get there with 2 days left in the month – not bad really for little old me with my little blog!

Reach 1,700 tweets – Again, this one I managed to do on the last day of the month. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with crappy tweets, I wanted them to have some sort of interest and meaning where possible. Yes, there are a few re-tweets, but from what I can see about the blogging community is that sharing is caring (even if there is a prize at the end of it!!)

So that’s how my July went and I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to what August has to bring! How did your July go? Was it as you planned?




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