My Fav Apps

It’s all about apps these days – if there’s a website, you can normally find an app for it. So here’s my top apps, which I have downloaded and go back to time and time again:

  • Facebook – I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been on Facebook, but it’s an app which I check daily. I am that person who will be out and about and will whip out my phone and check what happening in everyone else’s lives. Now I’m not one that really posts on there often and I certainly do hang out my dirty laundry like some do, but when they do, you have to admit it’s entertaining reading!!
  • Twitter – Again, I’ve had Twitter for years and I’ve always picked it up after months of neglecting it, however since having my blog, it’s something that I checked every morning, lunch and evening.
  • Instagram – I love Instagram! You don’t need to read much, it’s just all about the photos. I will admit most of my feed is taken up with cats!
  • Pokemon Go – Yes, I’m on that band wagon and I love it! I missed out on Pokemon the first time around, but the other half didn’t and if it wasn’t for him, then I wouldn’t have downloaded it. The best thing is, that currently I’m beating Andy in how many Pokemon I have caught and he’s not impressed!
  • Snapchat – I don’t use this app as often as I should, but I like to keep it, as my brother sends pictures of my niece and if that’s not a good enough reason to keep then I don’t know what is!
  • WordPress – Again, since I having my blog I downloaded the app straight away so I could keep on top of notifications and if I really want to I can write  post while out and about (although I prefer to be at home with the laptop!)
  • Pinterest – This app is ideal for me as I love crafts and you can get so much inspiration from it.
  • YouTube – I listen to music through YouTube, but I also use it from my crafts – especially my knitting – if there’s something I’m not sure on, then I will go straight to YouTube and watch a video to get the knack of it.
  • Whatsapp – I’m one of those people that if you don’t have an iPhone, then like hell am I sending you an pictures! This is where Whatsapp is perfect. Also, the fact that you can easily have group messages going on.
  • Messenger – If you have Facebook, you’ve got to have Messenger – they go hand in hand!

So that’s my top apps at the moment – do you agree, do you have anything which you would add to that list?

Sam x


4 thoughts on “My Fav Apps

  1. Monzo – *the neatest way to transfer money between friends (who also have the app), makes splitting paying for meals, taxis, etc., a cinch or use it to keep track of where your spend goes… if you need to be told.

    Google Keep – for shopping lists, ideas that spring from nowhere and quick notes I don’t want to forget.

    Feedly – which is where I’m adding this blog right now.

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