What’s in the bag?!

I could do this post a few times over for all the bags I use for different occasions, however this time I thought I’d go through what I have in my bag on a night out.

  • Money – let’s face it, you’re not going to get far without it, unless you are’re on of these people who have the nack of getting drinks off everyone. I’m not one of these, so I always make sure I have cash with me and then I take out a couple of bank cards with me. You may be thinking why a couple – well depending on what sort of night out it is, you may need more more money than what you originally planned on, and then you have the whole thing of paying for taxis on the way home. I prefer the better safe than sorry approach!
  • ID – even being in my thirties I still ensure I have my ID with me. It was only a few years back that I got ID’d for filter tips!! I like to think I look nowhere near my age and plus for me, it’s a nice compliment to be asked my age!
  • Phone – to be honest, my phone hardly leaves my hand at the best of times, but it’s ideal for photos and videos.
  • Lippy – because you always need to top it up throughout the night.
  • Eye drops – I’m a glasses wearer 98% of my life, however there are certain times where I will pop the old contact lenses in.  Not only am I blind, but my eyes are also dry so I have to make sure I have drops with me otherwise my eyes just get all sticky and I feel like ripping out my eyes. Not a good feeling really!
  • House keys – if I’m going out local and going home, then I need to get in the house right?!

This is the core of what I take out with me, but there are occasions where I will take out the selfie stick too, but if it’s anything like last time I went out, I took it with me but left it in the hotel room! I’ll sometime chuck in plasters too, if I’m wearing new shoes (I think that’s an age thing though!)

What do you take out with you for a night out? Do you have anything quirky that you just have to take?

Sam x


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