I, like most people, had never heard about 4Louis until Christmas 2015.

4Louis was set up in aid of grieving parents, so that their experience of an Angel Baby is a tiny bit more bearable. An Angel Baby is a baby born still at birth or soon after birth. 17 babies are born stillborn everyday in the UK and there is very little done for those parents and families to help them out of the other side.

The money raised for 4Louis is used for:

  • Memory boxes
  • Moses Baskets
  • Photography equipment
  • Cuddle Cots

The memory boxes are given to parents and they have items in such as teddies, ink to do hand and feet prints, clay impression kit, an acknowledgement of life certificate which are to name just a few. For parents it’s knowing that they’re not alone in this dark place, that there is someone else there who has experienced their pain and in our families case we had something to work towards. We wanted to give back to this charity who had done so much for our loss.

We started to raise money for buy Cuddle Cots. Without Cuddle Cots the baby can only stay with the family for about 24 hours, however with a Cuddle Cot, it allows the baby to be with their family for up 72 hours.  Although it’s only a few hours, those hours make all the difference for the family.

We have been able to raise enough money for one Cuddle Cot to be donated to a hospital in Birmingham, with hopefully more money on its way to buy another one.

Although we would have loved for our Nephew to be with us today, we can hold our heads high to know that we are helping those families in Birmingham and also raising awareness of 4Louis.

If you would like to find out more about 4Louis and see all the hard work they do, just click here and it will take you straight to their website.

Have you raise money for a charity recently?

Sam x


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