Toad Diaries Review

I can honestly 100% put my hand on my heart and say I love a good bit of stationary and a good diary for me is key for keeping organised and knowing when and where I need to be.

When I first started blogging, I would just use a normal notebook to keep a track of what posts I wanted to write and that was generally about it. Then I went to #BloggerTikiParty and found out abut Toad Diaries and my normal planning was kinda flipped on its head.

Toad Diaries kindly sent me one of their blogging diaries*, which I have to say I have had for just over a month now and I have picked up every day for one reason or another.

So.. when you first open up the diary you are greeted with a personal page where you can pop your name, address and phone number in, just in case it should ever get lost. Ideal really if you are going to take your diary out and about with you.

Toad Diary 2

Following on from this, you then have instruction to make your own origami toad – now I’ll be honest I haven’t tried this as I’m truly rubbish at origami!! The instructions look dead easy to follow though! You’ll find the toad himself at the back of the diary in a handy little wallet.

Toad Diary.jpeg

Also at the back of the diary you’ll find a handful of colourful blank pages which are perfect for making notes (which in turns keeps everything in the same place!!)

Now on to the good stuff.. On the left of each page you have a goals, achieve by, reward and to do list and one the right hand side there is a blank dotted page.

Each page looks to me like to it is designed to be used per week, but me being me, I have decided to use mine per month and also to do my own version of what’s on the left side, on the right side (if that makes sense! I’m sure the picture will make it clear!)

Toad Diary Inside.jpeg

For me, as a newbie blogger, my goals and rewards are the same – basically to go to my own hosted website, but I want to make sure that blogging is for me before my pennies part from my purse – so far so good though, so hopefully we will see a self hosted blog soon!

I’m a huge fan of the this diary and will also be checking out their normal diaries ready for 2017. If you would like to find out more about this diary and their other diaries, then follow this link here and it will take you straight to their website.

Have you tried Toad Diaries before? What do you think of them? Personally I love them!

Sam x

*This post contains a PR sample. The opinion of this sample is of my own thoughts and feelings.


3 thoughts on “Toad Diaries Review

  1. I was actually just thinking about getting a new diary/planner today but couldn’t find a suitable one due to the time of year! I’m obsessed with stationery too so will definitely be checking these out this week! Thanks

    Dani | |

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