Novello Lounge Review

Last week, I was kindly invited to the opening night of Novello Lounge in Telford. I was quite excited for this type of restaurant as I believe it is something different to the normal bars and restaurants we currently have in Telford.

Now, if you are familiar with Telford, then you will be aware that over the past few years they have been building what is known as ‘Southwater’. This is in central Telford around the main shopping centre where we now have an IMAX cinema, Bella Italia, Chimichangas and Nandos just to name a few. It really has bought a different vibe the centre.

Anyway, back to Novello… Opening night was mega – I mean I have never seen anywhere so busy before, but they had obviously invited plenty of people along so they could make a good impression. So once we arrived, we managed to get ourselves a drink, meet up with some close friends and grab a small sofa area to have a catch up and enjoy some yummy tapas. I have to take my hats off to the staff on this night, as I said the place was rammed but we were served pretty quickly which is always good seeing as I had gone straight there from work!

Although we had tapas, there are other options on the menu such as sandwiches and paninis, burgers and salads. Everything is reasonable priced, the most expensive thing being the steak which is £14.95 which isn’t too bad for a steak really. The tapas is £3.75 a dish or you can have 3 for £9.95. If you visit Novello and have tapas I would highly recommend the meatballs (they are to die for!!) and the teriyaki chicken. And for those who are interested the drinks menu is also reasonable, the only thing I would say is the cocktails are really expensive compared to the other restaurants in the area and you definitely get more cocktail for your money elsewhere.


All in all, I really enjoyed the food at Novello Lounge and would highly recommend it for something different.

Have you been to a Novello Lounge before? What is your favourite meal on the menu?

Sam x


Organic & Botanic Day Moisturiser*

I am one of those people who have really dry skin and if I don’t moisturise every day I look like some sort of flaky mess!

I was kindly sent an Organic & Botanic day moisturiser and I have to say I was excited for this from the get go.

When I opened the box one of the first things I loved about it was that it was actually in a glass jar – there’s not much that comes in glass these day (I’m sure it’s all health and safety!), but it just gave a really nice touch to the product. Also, because it’s in a glass jar, it means that the moisturiser is nice and cool when you apply it to your skin!

One of the key things in a moisturiser for me, is the smell. With all the will in the world, it could be the best moisturiser ever, bu if it smells nasty, then I’m sorry I’m not going to use it. When I opened the jar of Organic & Botanic’s moisturiser I was pleasantly surprised! The scent is mandarin orange and it smells good enough to eat!

Another key feature for this moisturise is that it’s vegan friendly. I know this is really important for some readers, so I thought it would definitely be worth a mention.


I’ve been using this moisturiser daily now for quite a few weeks now and it is absolutely amazing! You only need a very small amount to cover your skin and it doesn’t leave your skin shiny or feeling damp for a while afterwards. The 50ml jar which I was sent will easily last me months to come!

If you’re interested in buying this moisturiser then you can buy it from here. The RRP for this product is £57.06 and delivery is £5.99. For me personally, the price is huge, but then the spender in me is telling me it’s worth it as I love everything about this product.

Have you tried Organic & Botanic? What were your thoughts on the products?

Sam x

*This post contains a PR sample. The opinion of this sample is of my own thoughts and feelings.

Primark Make Up Haul

I had always known that Primark had one make up, but I always thought because it was cheap it would be nasty, so I always stuck with branded make up.

Well.. I had watched some videos online where you lovely bloggers were showing what you thought of the make up as you were putting on, so I felt like I was getting the best review possible.

So… I took myself off to Primark and I come back with this lovely lot


I have been using for a few years now a felt tip eyeliner, so using this eyeliner with a very thin brush was tricky to start off with, but I have certainly got the hand of it. It stays on well all day (I’m one for messing with my eyes throughout the day), it’s a little wet for a bit when it is first applied, but I guess that’s just liquid eyeliner for you! I’m highly impressed with this for all of £1.

The mascara when I first used it I thought was a bit dry, but the more I have used the more I love it. It goes on so nicely and separates all my lashes out and makes then look so long (which is perfect for me as mine are usually short and dumpy!). Again £1 bargain too!

I bought the lip liner and the velvet matte lip crayon as they matched and I have to say that these are my favourite products from Primark. They apply amazingly to my lips and the colour is just perfect for my skin tone – I was these in every colour! The crayon was £2 and the liner was £1.

I’ve never had a bronzing block before so I thought I would give this a go and I have to say I’m impressed. It doesn’t bronze my skin that much that makes me look orange – just a nice glow which is perfect for my pale skin and only £2.50.

As I’ve only ever stuck to what I knew with make up I only ever bought browns, so I thought I would get this eye shadow pallet as something different. I have tried a few of the different shades and I’m very impressed. They apply really nicely and they also last really well. Again this was only £2.50!

As I loved the make up I had bought so much, when I went to Bath for the day I had to drag the girls into Primark to see what they had in the make up department!


Although the lip liner and the velvet matte crayon doesn’t quite matched, when it’s applied it almost gives like an ombre effect which I love. As I’m so pale this may be suited to when I have a tan but I love it all the same.

I had seen some posts about the super matte liquid lipstick, so I bought a similar shade to the first lip liner – I have tried this once, in a rush before bed may I add, and I’m not too sure about it. It dried really quite and matted straight away. I like to still have a glossy finish on my lips and I didn’t get this with this lipstick. I guess I can always use it with a clear gloss! It only cost £2.00 so I’m not too gutted that I have spent money on make up which I’m not 100% sure on!

The final item I have bought from Primark was a concealer in light. I haven’t tried this out as of yet, but the colour seems to be the right match for my skin tone, so I’m so excited to try this one out! And the nest thing about it, is that it’s only 90p! Yes, NINETY PENCE! An absolute steal really!


My whole Primark haul cost me a grand total of £15.90 which is just ridiculous considering how many products I bought! Well done Primark, you have certainly got a fan of your PS make up right here!

Have you bought any Primark make up? What was your favourite?

Sam x


Meal Review – The White Hart, Ironbridge

The White Hart, Ironbridge, Shropshire

Date of visit 3rd September 2016

The White Hart is our favourite place to go for a meal for any of our special occasions or when we fancy splashing out on a good meal! As it was Andy’s birthday weekend – what better place to take him!

The meal at the White Hart changes all the time, so we never know what we’re going to see on the menu, but you can guarantee it’s going to be good – we’ve never had a bad meal.

So for starters I had a pickled pear salad. I wouldn’t normally order something like this and to eat every separately like I do, I wasn’t sure, but I scooped it all on the same fork and it was really nice. There were candied walnuts too which for me are a nice little gem on any meal!


The main I went with my normal rare steak. This is one restaurant in my opinion where your steak is amazing so I always order it! It was served with homemade chunky chips and, tomato and a side salad. I got a little too excited with this and started eating it before I took the picture, so it wouldn’t normally come out cut in half with a huge helping of mayo!


For dessert I had a lemon posset with a berry compote which I completely forgot to take a picture of. What I can tell you though, was that it was a huge serving and the berries were very sharp which I love.

I love this restaurant and it truly is one of our favourites to go to. I would highly recommend for anyone who lives in the area or is visiting.

What’s your favourite place to eat out? If you’re in the area have you ever eaten at The White Hart?

Sam x

To Do List – August 2016

I decided to change my monthly update post from ‘Goals and To Dos’ to just ‘To Dos’ as my goals will always be the same thing and I don’t want to bore everyone to death with the same thing every month!

So my to do list for August consisted of the below:

  • Scheduling tweets of previous posts – this was the first time I had done this and was fairly straight forward to do. I use HootSuite for my scheduling which has a nice layout both on mobile and desktops.
  • Get 200 followers on Twitter and retain them – we all know keep followers on Twitter can sometimes be challenging, however I started the month smashing my target anyway, so I had to make sure that I kept you all interested enough to stay following me. Good news is, I must be doing something right because I ended up with 340 on the last day of the month! Whoop – go me!
  • My most important to do was to make sure I sign up for #BloggerHalloweenParty on the 1st August, which I’m so excited I did as I’ve been invited to go!!
  • I like to plan ahead my blog posts, so I planned to do ‘What’s in my bag‘, Favourite apps‘, a charity post on ‘4Louis‘, a review of ‘Toad Diaries‘ and also my ‘July Goals and To Dos‘ – the links are all there if you haven’t read them and want to catch up on them!

September is looking very exciting, I have so much planned socially that I’m wondering when I’m going to be able to blog about it all, but I’m sure I’ll find time for it!!

Did you managed to do everything on your to do list for August? Anyone else going to #BloggerHalloweenParty?

Sam x