Novello Lounge Review

Last week, I was kindly invited to the opening night of Novello Lounge in Telford. I was quite excited for this type of restaurant as I believe it is something different to the normal bars and restaurants we currently have in Telford.

Now, if you are familiar with Telford, then you will be aware that over the past few years they have been building what is known as ‘Southwater’. This is in central Telford around the main shopping centre where we now have an IMAX cinema, Bella Italia, Chimichangas and Nandos just to name a few. It really has bought a different vibe the centre.

Anyway, back to Novello… Opening night was mega – I mean I have never seen anywhere so busy before, but they had obviously invited plenty of people along so they could make a good impression. So once we arrived, we managed to get ourselves a drink, meet up with some close friends and grab a small sofa area to have a catch up and enjoy some yummy tapas. I have to take my hats off to the staff on this night, as I said the place was rammed but we were served pretty quickly which is always good seeing as I had gone straight there from work!

Although we had tapas, there are other options on the menu such as sandwiches and paninis, burgers and salads. Everything is reasonable priced, the most expensive thing being the steak which is £14.95 which isn’t too bad for a steak really. The tapas is £3.75 a dish or you can have 3 for £9.95. If you visit Novello and have tapas I would highly recommend the meatballs (they are to die for!!) and the teriyaki chicken. And for those who are interested the drinks menu is also reasonable, the only thing I would say is the cocktails are really expensive compared to the other restaurants in the area and you definitely get more cocktail for your money elsewhere.


All in all, I really enjoyed the food at Novello Lounge and would highly recommend it for something different.

Have you been to a Novello Lounge before? What is your favourite meal on the menu?

Sam x


3 thoughts on “Novello Lounge Review

  1. I’ve never been to a Novello Lounge before but the food looks incredible! It sounds really good that they served you really quickly. Some of the places round here are so slow.

    Lisa | Xx

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