To Do List: September 2016

Where did September go? I can’t believe we’re in October already! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s all good because it means our holiday is just around the corner!!

I seemed to have quite a big to do list for September, but from reading other people’s to do lists, I have realised it’s OK not to complete these – I can just carry them over to the next month. So here’s what I had planned:

  1. Schedule tweets – I used Hootsuite for this and it took an age to do because I scheduled all of my previous blog posts. Once it had been done though, it was brilliant as I could just sit back, relax and not have to worry about promoting previous posts.
  2. Jam Jam’s blog post – I had planned to get this post completed in September, but time has run away with me and as I want to bake with this product I would prefer to take my time rather than rush it and write something half hearted, so this has been moved over to October’s to do list.
  3. Organic & Botanic review – This post was about a moisturiser which was kindly sent to me to try out – you can catch the post here.
  4. August to do list – you can catch up on my round up of August here.
  5. Decoupage post – So over the last couple of months I have done quiet a bit of decoupage for friends and family, so I had planned to write a post on these. Again September ran away with me and I ran out of time, so this post has been moved over to October as well. I can see October being mega now with everything else I have planned!!
  6. White Hart meal review – As it was Andy’s birthday at the start of September I treated him to a meal at our favourite restaurant – you can catch up on it here.
  7. Primark make up post – I watched a vlog by Saira which was all about Primark’s make up and the review she gave for the most of the products was brilliant, so I thought I would treat myself and test it out for myself! You can find Saira’s vlog here and the post I wrote here.
  8. Novello Lounge review – this is a new restaurant which has opened in the town where I live. I was invited to the opening night where we had free food and drink for a few hours. You can read what I thought about this place here.
  9. 2,100 tweets – each month I give myself a target of tweets to hit, just so I don’t become lazy and just scroll through to Twitter and it also makes me interact with other bloggers. I managed to achieve this with still a week to go!
  10. 485 followers on Twitter – I have to say, I absolutely smashed this! I finished on 508 which is 240 followers up from last month! Thanks to each and everyone of you who has followed me and stuck around!
  11. 549 blog views – Again, I smashed this too! I finished on 668 views which is 248 views up from last month. I was and in fact still am, completely buzzing about this!

So, that’s all of my September to do list. I have to say it’s my best month yet and I can’t wait to see what October brings!

How did your September go? Did you manage to do everything on your to do list?

Sam x


22 thoughts on “To Do List: September 2016

  1. Massive congrats on hitting your goals lovely and you have inspired me to get scheduling tweets for next month. It’s something I always plan to do but never get round to doing because it is SO boring, but it is definitely worth it!

    Kara – Spread The Sparkle xx

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  2. I’ve never read a post like this before! It’s such a good idea! I love a good checklist and I love that you aim to reach a certain amount of followers, tweet and visits! Might have to steal this idea!

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  3. I haven’t read a blog post like this before! This is such a good idea that I kind want to do over at my blog too! I think it’s so great to like share what you need to get done because it keeps you accountable. It’s great that you got a lot of the stuff on your list done. Good job! I hope you accomplish what you need to get done for October!


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