Letters to my Fanny: Review

Title: Letters to my Fanny

Author: Cherry Healey

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release Date: 21st April 2016


“This book is a love letter, to my body. In fact it’s several letters – to every part from my brain to my belly. I spent most of my life hating my body. I forced it to survive on a diet of ham; I squeezed it into asphyxiating support pants; I accidentally cut my delicate area whilst trimming my lady garden. But now I have realised that t deserves some well overdue TLC. This book is the story of how I’ve come to understand some vital life lessons, and started to love being a woman. I hope you enjoy it. Except you, Mum and Dad. You should stop reading now. It’s for the best. I promise”


I have always loved Cherry Healey and have been a huge fan of her TV work, so when I heard about this book, I knew it was a must.

Cherry talks about everything and I mean EVERYTHING!! From periods and orgasms to her ears. I found it really easy to read as each part of her body which she talks about is broken down into chapters with categories in that chapters that go into more detail. She remembers parts of her teenage years, which lets face we’ve all done something daft like cutting ourselves with razors in our most private areas and us ladies have had to contend with our periods and this is something with Cherry doesn’t hang back on. And I firmly believe that she/we shouldn’t!

There were some parts of the book that I couldn’t really relate to on a personal level – that being about having children. As a woman who doesn’t have kids herself, I could see where Cherry was going with this part of the book, but I didn’t find I could relate to it as I ‘hadn’t been there, done that’, like I could with other areas of the book.

Overall I would give this book a 7/10 rating – it’s funny, witty and makes cringe in some places too!!

If you wanted to purchase this book, then you can find it here and it’s available in paperback and for kindle.

Have you read Letters to my Fanny? What were your thoughts on it?

Sam xx


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