Ibiza 2016

Finally Andy and I had our summer holiday for 2016! After have 2 cold holidays I was desperate for some sun of my skin!

Now we are pretty awful at booking holidays and can never make up our minds where we want to go so it normally ends up being a last minute thing. We managed to find  a really good deal on Sirenis Hotel in Cala Llonga. It’s right on the sea front which is perfect for us as Andy likes to have a swim in the sea every day. The beach was clean and tidy as they had someone come most days to clear away any seaweed which had been washed up and the sea was clear most days too. They had two big swimming pools and a two little ones for the kids.

The food at the hotel was good – I’m a fussy eater so I generally stick the the same thing, but they had a wide choice for breakfast from cereals to fruit and pancakes. Lunch always consisted of something grilled (burgers, steak), paella (this changed every day to what sort of paella they did) and then they would have curries, chips, chicken nuggets, salad – the normal stuff you would expect from an all inclusive holiday. Dinner was usually the same sort of the stuff, apart from they had a cooked joint of meat and veg so you could of had a Sunday dinner every night of the week. The drinks were free, so you couldn’t really go wrong with these, but we made our way through most of the cocktails on the list!!

The room we had was up the on the 7th floor, so we had an awesome view from of the bay we were in.

We didn’t see a great deal of the entertainment as it was all in the Suneo Club and as we felt this would be mostly for families with children, we stayed in the adults bar most nights. There was a guy who played a piano a couple of nights, which was interesting the say the least, but I guess it’s holiday entertainment at the end of the day and I can’t be expecting X Factor!

Where the hotel was situated was almost in a little village. There were your typical shops for your Ibiza branded presents to take home and there were a few bars there too. As Andy likes his football he went to Captains Cabin a couple of times (I went along the once with him). It was really friendly and the staff we so warming and welcoming – as the football was on, I soon hooked myself up to their WiFi for a bit of social media online and I have to say their WiFi was much better than the hotels!!

All in all, we loved our holiday here and would have no problems with going back again for another holiday.

Have you been to Cala Llonga or stayed in this hotel too? What were your thoughts?

Sam xx


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