A Little Bit of Decoupage

As some of you are aware, I love a bit of crafting! In recent years I have taught myself to knit again and also do some basic crochet. I have also in this time, taken up decoupage. For those of you who aren’t sure what this is – remember at school you would paper mache a balloon and then paint it – it’s similar to that. You buy the paper mache shapes and then paint it and cover it in pretty paper.

So over the past couple of months I have done a few projects for family and friends – I started with my nieces name and a piggy bank

And this is what the finished projected looks like in her nursery

I also did for her a piggy bank – this is huge so she’ll be able to put loads and loads and pennys in it!

I have been asked to do a name for one of my friends too for her baby nephew – I have to admit I love doing these as it’s so easy to do

And I also did one for myself and the plan is to put family photos around it – easier said than done when you’re trying to find the right frames!!

Everything I bought was from Hobbycraft. The letters themselves were £3 and the paper was about £3.50 for a pack of three sheets. Ideally you need to use the decoupage glue so depending on what sort of pot you buy will depend on the price.

Have you done any decoupage before? What was your favourite thing to do?

Sam xx


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Decoupage

  1. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I love craft stuff but it’s been ages since I found time to do anything. I think decoupage might be a must this winter…perfect for cozy days in front of the TV!

    Dani | brighteyedandbewildered.com | flourishingfreelancer.com

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