Blogger Halloween Party

I’m sure most of you have seen the posts and all the photos from Kirsty Leanne‘s #bloggertikiparty earlier this year. This was my first event (you can read about it here)and I loved it so I knew as soon as the next one was released I had to get my name down on the list pretty sharpish if I wanted to go! I mean I had it on my to do list and everything!!

For this event Kirsty Leanne had the help of Ashton Jade, both of who had absolutely lovely people and awesome bloggers. It was held in a different place from last time but being in the middle of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, the Rose Villa Tavern  wasn’t too hard to find!

As it was a Halloween party everyone was dressed up the nines and there were some pretty amazing outfits and jaw dropping make up!

There weren’t as many brands there as the last party but I have to say quality over quantity any day, the brands there were so lovely and I can’t wait to test out their products.

The first brand we got to see was The Perfume Studio and you basically got to make up your own perfume and give it a name. It was a brilliant way to find out how perfumes are made and how you can build up the notes to make your own unique smell – there will be a future post on this in more detail!!


Then we got to see Dr. Botanicals who are a sister company of Organic & Botanic who I have previous done a post on one of their products before – you can find the link here. They were so informative and also gave us all a little card which says what sort of product you should be using for your skin type! Perfect for me who will generally try anything to see if it works!! For me, I love these products purely on the packaging alone! All the products come in a little brown box and the product itself is in a glass jar which keeps the product nice and cool when you apply it.


Kirsty and Ashton also put on some extra competitions such as designing the best pumpkin, pulling the scariest face and there was also a little treasure hunt going on as well. The raffle also had some amazing prizes – one of which I won which was kindly donated by Ohkay-Dohkay.

I have got some posts coming shortly on some of the times which were donated and also given away in the goodie bag.


There were also some homemade treats from Jamie at Tanned Beauty Addict which were just amazing


Did you go to this Blogger Halloween Party? What was your favourite bit?

Sam xx


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