Holiday Wishlist

Well, It’s been just over a month since our last holiday and I’m already missing the sun on my skin, so what better way to get over a little bit of the winter blues that having a look at where I would like to go next!

  1. America – This one in itself is a big one! There’s so much to see and do there, so this one is definitely going to be on the list for a while! Not to mention all the food that has to be tried there!!
  2. Australia – I just want to see what the crack is! Everyone goes travelling there, so I’d like to see it for myself first hand. Andy also has family over there, so it would be nice to finally meet them!
  3. Singapore – This is an odd one for me as I’m picky with my food, I know I would struggle finding something I like, but it just looks so beautiful, that I’m willing to put all my food issues to one side to fly out over there.
  4. Jamaica –  Again, this is all down to the food again. One of my best friends is Jamaican and the food she cooks is amazing – I mean come on she has had me eating goat!
  5. Mexico – Pretty much all about food again! A Mexican restaurant is one of my favourite places to eat, so why not try the real thing.
  6. Kenya – I just want to see all the pretty animals in their own environment rather than being couped up in a cage over here.
  7. Canada – Winter is my favourite time of year, so I would have to visit Canada in the winter so I can see what real snow is like!
  8. New Zealand – My great uncle lived in New Zealand for most of his life and had his last visit  back home to the UK about 25 years before he passed away. He must of loved it over there, so I would love to go and see it for myself, visit the places he did and really see for myself if it’s just like the UK!
  9. Switzerland – I’ve never heard of many people going on holiday to Switzerland, so I think it would be exciting to go on an adventure where none of my friends have been before and find it all out for myself. After all you always get someone who tells you where you MUST go on every holiday!
  10. Iceland – I just want to see the Northern Lights. They look so pretty in the pictures and I want to witness this for myself.

So there you have it – my top 10 countries I’d love to visit! What countries are on your list? Have you visited any of mine?

Sam x


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