My Perfume Studio Experience

If you have read my #BloggerHalloweenParty post then you will know that The Perfume Studio were there to show and tell us all about making your own perfume.

Ben, from The Perfume Studio explained to us that perfume is made up of notes which is basically a top, a middle and a bottom. You can have as many or as little notes as you want so for me, I chose one of each – Fruity, Heavy Floral and Balsamic. Making up a scent was really fun and easy to do – you have all the scents lined up in front of you and you just start to build up your scent. Ben showed us how to smell each scent rather than putting it straight under your nose – what you’re meant to do is gradually bring it to your nose. And did you know if all the scents are starting to smell the same, you just has a little smell of some coffee beans and your ready to start again! How cool is that?!


When you have made your perfume, you get to name it! I decided to call my SJS which are my initials – only because I hadn’t a clue what to call it but I knew I wanted some short and easy to remember.

Once Ben had gone back to The Perfume Studio, I had an email with a certificate on to say that my perfume had been made and it was ready if I wanted to order it again! The first thing that come to mind, was I could actually buy my own perfume and give it out as Christmas presents!! You can buy the perfume by itself or buy it in gift sets.


The Perfume Studio also offer events, so you can visit them in certain areas around the UK to try out this whole experience for yourself – if you hear of one going near you, I would urge you to go. It was so much fun, so informative and you get to tell your friends and family that you made your own perfume and point them in the right direction to order it!!

Have you heard about The Perfume Studio – what did you think of your experience with them?

Sam x


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