Perfect Timing: Review

Title: Perfect Timing

Author: Jill Mansell

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

Release Date: 7th August 2006


Poppy Dunbar is out on her hen night when she meets Tom Kennedy. With his dark eyes and quirky smile, he could lure any girl off the straight and narrow, but what really draws Poppy to him is the feeling that she’s known him all her life. She can’t go through with meeting the arrange – but she can’t go through with the wedding either.

Suddenly notorious as ‘The Girl Who Jilted Rob Macbride’, Poppy moves to London. Soon she installed in the bohemian household of Casper French, a ravishingly good-looking young artist with a reputation for breaking hearts. But even in her colourful new home, Poppy can’t get Tom off her mind. Until she tracks him down, she’ll never know if their meeting was destiny – or if the future hold something entirely different for her…


I really enjoyed this book. From the get go this book had be hooked and wanting to know more as each page was turned. Poppy was out on her hen night the night before her wedding when she met Tom – there was a connection there straight away and although she went to the late night cafe where he’d asked to meet her, she didn’t actually go in. The next day she breaks the news to the groom, Rob, that she doesn’t want to marry him. As this part of the story is unfolding, she learns that her Father isn’t actually her Father and her Mother had had a fling with a jazz player, so she decides to move to London to try and find her real Father.

She ends up moving into Casper’s house. Casper is an artist and a male tart who can have women flocking to him. There is also Claudia who lives in the house as well who doesn’t take to Poppy at all. Claudia’s Mother has tried to get across to her that she needs to find a rich man so basiclly she can live a life of luxury.

Before long Poppy tracks down her real Father who she finds out is a dying man. Poppy is heartbroken when he dies but at least she got to meet her real Dad even though he didn’t know who she was. What Poppy doesn’t know is that her Dad figured out on his death bed who she was and kept it to himself and didn’t say anything to his wife Rita. Rita and Poppy kept a close relationship and when at a house party and Rita is looking for some tights in Poppy’s things she found a picture of Poppy’s Mother and Rita is able to piece the last piece of the puzzle together – she had always know her husband had had an affair and after his death she found a picture of her tucked away in a book and now she has the proof that Poppy is her step daughter – a child that she’d always wanted.

Another reason for Poppy being in London was to try and track Tom down. She sees him one in a garage but was locked in the car so couldn’t get out, but with the help of her friends they track him down and it appears that there is such as thing as love at first sight. It all sounds rosey, so it came to no surprise when Tom started to come across as possessive and wanted Poppy to dress in a certain way and wanted her to give up work and be a house wife. She had a agreed to move in with him but that only lasted a couple of hours and was soon back on Caspers doorstep with her bags.

Poppy had given Casper a good talking to about his girlfriends’ and the amount of women that were always calling for him so he decided to tell his friends that he had got married – you find out later in the book when both Poppy and Casper realise that they love each other – that he had just made up that he was married to see if he could be committed to one woman for the rest of his life – turns out he can.

After a little help from their friends, who were trying to protect the two of them Casper and Poppy end up dating. The story ends with Casper and Poppy going out for the day, but she doesn’t realise that she’s heading straight to her own wedding to Casper. She wants to marry Casper and she has him proposing in the middle of the street before they go in. He says to her that he could risk her leaving him like she jilted Rob and like she ran away from Tom, so he didn’t want to give her time to think about.

I found this book really heart warming and there were some points where it had me in tears – really impressive in my eyes for a book! I give his book an overall rating of 9/10.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Sam x


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