Blogmas #20 Christmas Markets

We’ve been to the Birmingham Christmas market before and I have to say that I can’t be doing with all the people and I was disappointed that there wasn’t really much to buy from there. We basically got off the train, grabbed a beer, walked up the other end of the market, walked back to return out glasses and hen got on the train back home! Not really my idea of fun!

This year was the first year that we had a Christmas market in Telford, so we thought it would be rude not to give it a go! Don’t get me wrong it is tiny compared to Birmingham but a good first effort. It did have the same sort of stalls, so there was nothing new there but it had a nicer atmosphere to it. It felt friendlier and didn’t feel rushed! I’m excited to see what they have install for next year!

What you been to any Christmas markets? I’ve heard Manchester is one of the best ones to go to in the UK

Sam xx


Blogmas #19 Present Opening

I admit I’m one of those people who

a) can’t wait to open presents and

b) hate opening them in front of people

I love it when people buy me presents but my face tells it all when I open it and don’t like it, so I’d rather just open it at home with no one watching so that’s it’s not awkward!

For Christmas, Andy and I will open one present from each other on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day (well those that we have at our house). We’ll then go  visiting family and open presents along the way (I hate this bit, I’d rather take them home!!)

For presents given at work, this just get opened straight away! I just can’t help myself! Especially when it’s secret Santa and normally they’re a right laugh! Although I’ve had some terrible ones in the past!!

When do you open your presents? Do you open some Christmas Eve or save them all until the big day?

Sam xx

Blogmas #18 What’s in the bag -Winter

I have to admit I like these posts purely because I’m nosey and like to see what people carry around with them! For me, this time of year it’s generally making sure I don’t get ill so here’s what I’ve been carrying about with me!

  • Gloves – never want to be caught out where I don’t have my gloves with me so always carry around my trusty mittens!
  • Cold and flu tablets – because you never know when you’re going to need them!
  • Head ache tablets – again you never know!!
  • 3D glasses – we have cineworld cards so you never know if you’re going to need glasses if you decide to go last minute
  • Mirror – we’ll kind of a mirror, it’s a mirror blank plate that would put over a switch or socket when you don’t want to use it. The place I used to work at did a mirrored one which was made into a coaster so I use this as my mirror
  • Pens!!! You can never have enough!
  • Purse – of course, I’m not going to get far without it really am I!!
  • Lipstick – I always have at least one with me
  • Tissues – as it’s not just the weather that can make my nose run!!

So that’s what I carry around with me at the moment – donyou have anything different in your bag?

Sam xx

Blogmas #17 Party Season

Now we all love a good party surely! And fore the Christmas party has to be one of the best! After all the slogging of hard work you’ve done throughout the year (and it’s anything like me the unpaid overtime you’ve done this time of year) the Christmas party is the perfect way to let your hair down!

We revisited last years venue again this year which is just two minutes from work sonit was straight round to the hotel to finish the table placings and set out the Secret Santa presents! Followed by a swift drink in the bar and then off to get ready! Of course there was the drinking while getting ready with the girls, shots before leaving the room and of course the selfies we took before we left!

I can’t tell you how good it was to be with all of my favourite work people at one time! I danced the night away with most of them and followed it up with drinking games in the room until 4 in the morning (completely unlike me as it usually an early bird bed!!)

The secret Santa present I got was Yankee candles, Lindt chocolate and blue and pink cola bottles! What more could a girl want!!

Of course my weekend didn’t end there! I ended up going to another Christmas party on the Saturday and although I’m not a fan of most the people from there, I met some new and interesting people so it made a good night in the end! Plus I got to spend it with one of my besties so it’s all good!!

Sam xx

Blogmas #16 Christmas Food

For our family Christmas food is all about the turkey. It’s only been the past few years where we have had beef as well, you could say we’re old school traditional! For me the best thing about Christmas dinner is the pigs in blankets! As my brother and I LOVE these they were always divided up equally between everyone otherwise we would eat them all and nothing else! It’s also the only time of year when we have stuffing in balls (tastes so much better than being flat!!) and also sausage balls – I don’t eat these though, I’m not a big fan!

We always have Christmas pudding, but since Nan passed away no one really eats it apart from my sister in law and Andy – growing up, we always had a mint viennetta! It was the only time of year that we would have it so it was always a treat!

One other thing that Mum, my brother and I go crazy for is Rum Truffles! We can literally eat them by the box load each at a time! Mum always hides hers now as we will raid the cupboards trying to find them at her house!!

What’s traditional for you to have for your Christmas dinner?

Sam x

Blogmas #15 Christmas Lights

The town which I grew up in has a light switch on each year and each year they keep getting better and better and this year they haven’t disappointed. It makes the high street look so pretty at night and so welcoming too – not that it isn’t in the day!!

The cud-de-sac where I lived also used to go OTT on the lights and near enough every house would join and it was a sight to behold! Now neighbours have moved on and passed away so no one takes part, but the memories of this from my childhood will always be treasured!

I’d admit I LOVE seeing lights on everyone’s houses but I’m happy not to have them on mine. It would be me that ends up putting them up and who has to take them down so I’m more than happy to have a cosy living room instead with a nice tree and decorations. Maybe when we have kids it’ll be different, but for now I’m happy with no outdoor lights what so ever!

Do you have lights on the outside of your house or does the town you live have a big switch on?

Sam xx

Blogmas #14 Christmas Films

I’ve never really been into Christmas let alone Christmas films but since being with Andy and him being a huge kid, I’m starting to develop a love for this time of year – films included so here’s some of my favs!

  • Elf – seriously if this isn’t on your list…. errrr why?!?!! 😜
  • The Holiday – it’s just so heart warming and makes you all gooey!
  • Home Alone – any of them! All of them back to back is preferable!
  • Bad Santa – again both of them! We watched the new one at the cinema a few weeks ago and was a good watch!
  • Jingle All The Way – this reminds me of this year with those Hatchimals! 😂
  • A Christmas Carol – I’m happy to watch any version of this

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Sam x