Blogmas #2 Christmas Wishlist

I’ll happily hold my hand up and admit that I’m one of these people who always say I don’t know what I for for Christmas – it’s genuine though! I really don’t know half the time of what I want, so I thought I’d put a little list together to get some inspiration for myself!

  1. Yankee Candles – For those of you who know me well, will know that I have a drawer in the kitchen which is dedicated to Yankee Candles of all shapes and sizes! My stock has been running low so I’m hoping to get this topped up at Christmas!!
  2. Onesie – I LOVE my onesies and not matter the time of the year you can almost guarantee that I’ll be snuggled in one at home most nights.
  3. Make up – I’ve never really been arsed over make up, I’ve worn it don’t get me wrong but I’ve never really had a great interest in it. That was until I started blogging and I get see all of you wonderful people with your amazing make up and it makes me want to have the same!
  4. Clothes – There’s only a couple people I will let me buy clothes and that Andy and my brother, everyone is terrible at it! Generally what I’ll do is buy something for myself and then give it to family for them to wrap up for me from ‘Santa’!
  5. Iron – Yes, how boring, I have asked my Mum to buy me a new iron! I need it though and I don’t know what I’m looking for when buying one so I thought I’d just leave it down to her.

Well that’s a few ideas, but what I’d really like is for my family to be happy and healthy. We have had a rough end to 2015 and a roller coaster of a 2016 with some amazing highs and some unthinkable lows so I’d really like 2017 to be plain sailing for us all!

Have you got a Christmas wishlist together? What have you got on your Christmas wishlist?

Sam x


6 thoughts on “Blogmas #2 Christmas Wishlist

  1. I am a sucker for asking for dull gifts too lol. I got a tuble drier from my parents this year. My sister got me a new lip liner and I told the other half to let his mum know a new set of tea towels and a nice towel bale would be lovely as I can ditch my old ones as they are well worn o have little holes coming into them (by ditch I mean give to the local animal shelter to make use of). Im also a lover of Yankee Candles, I have Candy Cane Lane on the go at the moment and saving Christmas Eve for… well Christmas Eve 😀

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