Blogmas #3 My Christmas Tree

I will hold my hand up and say I’m one of these people who have to have their tree up on 1st December.

This will be our 2nd Christmas in our home together and so for the last 3 years I have been collecting owls to decorate the tree with. The reason I have picked owls, is because they remind me of my Nan who passed away 5 years ago – to me she was a wise old bird!

We also have a few nieces and nephews so we asked some of them last year to decorate a bubble for us as it was our first Christmas in our new home together.

Here’s this years tree, if you look closely you’ll see Molly under it! It’s a right pain having a tree with 4 nosey cats!! Especially when one LOVES to lick it!!


Are you one who has their tree up on 1st December too?

Sam xx


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