Blogmas #4 What Christmas Means To Me

For me, Christmas is all about family and friends – it’s pretty much as simple as that.

Growing up, Christmas was always spent with Mum, Nan, my brother and my uncle and we were all together from Christmas Eve through to after New Year.

We all had to sit in some sort of circle and Mum had put all of presents into pile for us all around the room and we would take it in turns to open the presents. There was none of this ripping open the presents all at once and not knowing what was off who. We had to read the labels of each present – in fact at Mum’s now we still have to do this, otherwise you get the whole ‘Who was that off?’ speech from Mum!

We would all watch films together – Nan always wanted to watch the Queen speech but we generally left her that while we washed up!! Mum, Nan and myself would play cards all evening too – my brother and uncle weren’t allowed to join in as they are cheats and sore losers!! Even to this day, Mum and I don’t let them join in!

Now, our family has lost my Nan and so we still include her in Christmas day by going to visit her before we have lunch and this year we have my baby niece so we’ll all have the joys of her opening her presents (well her mum and dad doing it!)

We will of course go and see our other nieces and nephews on Christmas morning as after all Christmas is for the kids!!

What does Christmas mean to you?

Sam xx


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