Blogmas #6 My Earliest Christmas Memory

It was only until a few years ago that I actually started to enjoy Christmas – that was mainly down to Andy being a big kid. I can’t remember a lot about growing up – don’t get me wrong I didn’t have a bad childhood or anything like that but there was always someone there to put a dampener down on Christmas Day!

So I think my earliest memory of opening a Christmas present was when I had my playdough kitchen set. I was this huge kitchen and there were different places you could put the playdough! I remember being well chuffed with it and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread! I must have been about 5 I think when I had this!

My next memory of Christmas was in about ’94 when we spent Christmas at my Nan’s as we were moving house in between Christmas and New Year (good old council for you there!!). I had put a letter on the tree for Santa (I remember this was more to entertain Mum more than anything) to let him know where we were in case he come to our house and we weren’t there! Even now Mum and I will tell each other that presents have to go to Santa regardless of who buys them!!

What’s your earliest memory of Christmas?

Sam xx


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