Blogmas #7 Secret Santa Ideas

If you’re work place is anything like mine then Secret Santa basically means to find the dirtiest thing you possibly can for your work colleague!!

As I was in charge of Secret Santa this year, I hand picked who I wanted to buy for! Now… the lady I chose is very open and the reason I picked her is because she would be easy to buy for! I have bought her Never Have I Ever game from Ann Summers (of course!!) which I’m sure she will crack out at the party and also be something she will play with, with her friends over the Christmas break!

So… here’s some of my suggestions which you could get your Secret Santa!

  1. A picture of yourself in a frame – if you’re a hotty then why not take a festival picture of yourself and pop it in a frame?!
  2. Grow your own beaver – because why not!! 😂
  3. Alcohol sets – easy option in my opinion
  4. Nude calendars – again why not!! It’s an easy way to please a male co-worker that’s for sure!

What I would say not to buy are smelly sets and chocolate!! We all get these at Christmas and lets face it – they’re stocking fillers and a little bit boring! You at least want to have a fun present!!

For me, I’d love anything candle related, anything to do with cats/owls and cows or something really funny. I think I’d be quite easy to buy for!!

Do you have any good Secret Santa ideas, or have you had a brilliant present from a Secret Santa?

Sam xx


2 thoughts on “Blogmas #7 Secret Santa Ideas

  1. I had to pick Secret Santa gifts for a girl I had never met who is temping for us over Christmas (I work for Lush but I am on maternity leave). I opted for a sparkly glass photo frame, some scented candles and a chocolate snow dog 😀

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