Blogmas #11 Who I’ll Be Spending Christmas With

Like most couples we spend one year at one parents and the next Christmas at the other parents. This year it’s my family’s turn to have us! But that doesn’t mean that we won’t see Andy’s family before we go there!

So we’ll get up nice and early and see Andy’s 2 sisters and brother and their families to see all the kids open their presents – I’m hoping his mum and dad will be about at some point if not then we will see them in the evening!

At my Mums, there will be Mum and her partner Gary, my brother Barry and sister in law Danni and their daughter Mia, Gary’s daughter Elle will be there at some point too and then there’s Andy and I. It’s small and that’s what I like about it, all of my loved ones in one room!

We will start off my going to the pub for a couple, then pop to the cemetery to see Nan and then back home for presents and Christmas dinner (and of course a few more drinks!!)

Who will you be spending Christmas with this year? Do you have the same tradition as Andy and I?

Sam x


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