Blogmas #12 Reflection on 2016

It’s needless to say that we had a tough start if 2016 as a family. Have to say goodbye to a loved one is never easy and when it’s a baby it just doesn’t seem fair. We’ll never forget Ellis! He’ll always been our little angel!

Thankfully the rest of the year has been full of more happier occasions! My brother and his wife had their first daughter and my first niece, who had me wrapped round her little finger already! Andy’s sister who lost Ellis at Christmas last year is epexctig twins so they will soon be making an appearance – earlier than planned though. The pregnancy hasn’t been plain sailing but as long as these two get here safety that’s all that matters!

We only managed to have one holiday away this year but have already got plans for an early break with the family for 2017 so can’t wait for that already!

And finally the biggest change in my life is that I’ve started blogging. I’ve met some amazing people along my way and some bloggers who I read every post and hang off every word! I can’t wait to meet more bloggers alike and am excited for what 2017 has to hold!

Sam x


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