Blogmas #13 Presents for Him

Now, if you’re as lucky as me you’ll have a special guy in your life who is a royal pain in the arse to buy for! He’s one of those ‘if I want it, I’ll buy it’ types so when it comes to Christmas there isn’t actually anything he wants! Brilliant for me who is trying to search my brain for ideas!! So I’d thought I’d give a helping hand to those who are in the same boat as me with some ideas of what I have bought my other half in the past!

  • I’ll start off with a cracking one and that’s a butchery course! Yes this is the sort of stuff I have to deal with! Andy once told me that he would love to have the opportunity to butcher a pig.. so boom.. there you go, there’s your voucher for it! I have to say he was impressed I managed to get this as he didn’t even know there was such a thing without being trained as a butcher!
  • CDs and DVDs. Andy is a fan of Johnny Cash so that was one present sorted and he also loves Only Fools and Horses so he had the whole box set! 
  • Clothes. So I’m lucky in the fact that Andy is really hard to buy clothes for (can you tell there’s a hint of sarcasm there!!) But I have over the years been able to buy him polo shirts (Ralph Lauren of course, what else!! 🙄), jumpers and shoes/trainers. I am normally get away with the jumpers being ok but footwear has to be approved! 
  • Football game tickets – easy win!
  • Segway experience – again it was an easy win and plus it was something we could do together!

So there’s my list, hope it helps you out! If you have any ideas on what to buy a guy like mine, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Sam x


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