Blogmas #15 Christmas Lights

The town which I grew up in has a light switch on each year and each year they keep getting better and better and this year they haven’t disappointed. It makes the high street look so pretty at night and so welcoming too – not that it isn’t in the day!!

The cud-de-sac where I lived also used to go OTT on the lights and near enough every house would join and it was a sight to behold! Now neighbours have moved on and passed away so no one takes part, but the memories of this from my childhood will always be treasured!

I’d admit I LOVE seeing lights on everyone’s houses but I’m happy not to have them on mine. It would be me that ends up putting them up and who has to take them down so I’m more than happy to have a cosy living room instead with a nice tree and decorations. Maybe when we have kids it’ll be different, but for now I’m happy with no outdoor lights what so ever!

Do you have lights on the outside of your house or does the town you live have a big switch on?

Sam xx


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