Blogmas #16 Christmas Food

For our family Christmas food is all about the turkey. It’s only been the past few years where we have had beef as well, you could say we’re old school traditional! For me the best thing about Christmas dinner is the pigs in blankets! As my brother and I LOVE these they were always divided up equally between everyone otherwise we would eat them all and nothing else! It’s also the only time of year when we have stuffing in balls (tastes so much better than being flat!!) and also sausage balls – I don’t eat these though, I’m not a big fan!

We always have Christmas pudding, but since Nan passed away no one really eats it apart from my sister in law and Andy – growing up, we always had a mint viennetta! It was the only time of year that we would have it so it was always a treat!

One other thing that Mum, my brother and I go crazy for is Rum Truffles! We can literally eat them by the box load each at a time! Mum always hides hers now as we will raid the cupboards trying to find them at her house!!

What’s traditional for you to have for your Christmas dinner?

Sam x


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