Blogmas #17 Party Season

Now we all love a good party surely! And fore the Christmas party has to be one of the best! After all the slogging of hard work you’ve done throughout the year (and it’s anything like me the unpaid overtime you’ve done this time of year) the Christmas party is the perfect way to let your hair down!

We revisited last years venue again this year which is just two minutes from work sonit was straight round to the hotel to finish the table placings and set out the Secret Santa presents! Followed by a swift drink in the bar and then off to get ready! Of course there was the drinking while getting ready with the girls, shots before leaving the room and of course the selfies we took before we left!

I can’t tell you how good it was to be with all of my favourite work people at one time! I danced the night away with most of them and followed it up with drinking games in the room until 4 in the morning (completely unlike me as it usually an early bird bed!!)

The secret Santa present I got was Yankee candles, Lindt chocolate and blue and pink cola bottles! What more could a girl want!!

Of course my weekend didn’t end there! I ended up going to another Christmas party on the Saturday and although I’m not a fan of most the people from there, I met some new and interesting people so it made a good night in the end! Plus I got to spend it with one of my besties so it’s all good!!

Sam xx


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