Blogmas #19 Present Opening

I admit I’m one of those people who

a) can’t wait to open presents and

b) hate opening them in front of people

I love it when people buy me presents but my face tells it all when I open it and don’t like it, so I’d rather just open it at home with no one watching so that’s it’s not awkward!

For Christmas, Andy and I will open one present from each other on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day (well those that we have at our house). We’ll then go  visiting family and open presents along the way (I hate this bit, I’d rather take them home!!)

For presents given at work, this just get opened straight away! I just can’t help myself! Especially when it’s secret Santa and normally they’re a right laugh! Although I’ve had some terrible ones in the past!!

When do you open your presents? Do you open some Christmas Eve or save them all until the big day?

Sam xx


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