Goodbye 2016.. Hello 2017

I can’t believe that we’re 4 days into 2017 already!! 2016 was a big year for me blog wise, as I started up my blog in July and since then have been hooked! Countless hours have been spent planning content, scrolling through Twitter, finding and meeting a lovely bunch of bloggers!! Personally, I have moved into HR and I have to say I’m loving every moment and I’m excited for what 2017 has to hold.

I don’t have many plans for 2017 personal wise. I have the normal things or saving money, paying off some debts, exercising more and of course eating healthier (well… less McDonalds anyway!!) I’m pretty sure more people have these on their lists so that’s the boring part over with!! 😛

For 2017, I want to get my blog to grow across all platforms. For the last 6 months I have experienced how hard it can be to keep followers on Twitter – I mean people follow you and because you don’t follow them back then they unfollow you again!! Seriously mate, I haven’t got time for this! I haven’t done much across any other social media platforms but that’s the plan – I want people to be like ‘OMG, have you heard about Sam, she’s a must to follow’ Could be wishful thinking, but I guess we will only find out!

So, the goals for the 2017 are:

  • Increase Twitter followers to 1,700 – an increase of 71 followers per month
  • Increase blog followers to 120 – a small number I know, but it still means 6 people a month being interested even to sign up!
  • Increase blog views to 4,000 – I thought I did really well with my blog views last year as I finished the year on 1,522 views, not bad considering I started half way through the year I thought. So to hit this, it means I have to get 207 views a month eekk!!
  • Increase Instagram followers to 500 – I haven’t done any blogging on Instagram as it has a lot of my friends and family on there and most of them don’t know I blog, so I’m going to try and dip my toes into the water and see what happens! I’ve kept it small, so I’ve given myself a target of 17 followers a month. I know some months I won’t hit this, but I’m hoping I’ll make up for it in others.
  • Increase Bloglovin’ followers to 80 – When I first started blogging I signed up for Bloglovin’ and have done absolutely nothing with it! I’ve noticed that other bloggers have commented how hard it is to get followers on this platform so I’ve given myself a tiny tiny goal of 4 followers a month.
  • Attend at least 2 blogging events. I attended two events last year and loved them. I loved meeting the brands, the bloggers and getting to know everyone and I would love to do this again! The more events the better in my opinion!
  • Take better photos and get backdrops – I’ve started off well on this one – I have taken my first photo for a giveaway using good lighting and backdrops and I’m well impressed with myself. It was even taken on my iPhone 6 which made me even more impressed – this is the photo, let me know what you think!


That’s everything I have planned for now.. I will do an update on this half way through to year to see how I’m getting on.

Have you set yourself any goals for your blog for the year to come?

Sam xx


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