To Do List: Nov-Dec 2016

It’s been a while since I have done a round up of what I have been blogging about. November came and went so quickly and December.. well Blogmas took over most of it and then was actually Christmas! So here’s how I got on:


  1. I went to be 2nd ever blogging event which was BloggerHalloweenParty. I met some of the lovely bloggers I had met at a previous event and also got to meet some new friends. You can catch up on what happened here
  2. When I was at the Halloween party there was a company there called The Perfume Studio and basically you had the opportunity to make your own perfume. They tell you all about how perfume is made and have different nodes (which is the smells) so you can create your very own perfume. The best thing is you get to name your perfume, they register it on their webiste and then you can order it like you do any other perfume! How cool is that!!! You can read all about this here
  3. As I hadn’t long come back from Ibiza, it’s quite easy to say that I was looking for another holiday so I came up with a list of ‘money is no object’ holiday destinations that I would love to go to – you can read this post here
  4. I had read many books while we were on holiday and there was one book which I have half way through and me being me had to finish it. It was called Perfect Timing and is a proper chic lit that I found that I could’t put down. You can read the review on this book here


I had planned to do Blogmas for December – I had it all planned out, I have posts written even before December was here and all I had to do was add pictures. My blogging life at the start of December seemed cool, calm, relaxed and organised – then I got lazy! I started enjoying the festivities more (basically having a drink every night since the Christmas party) so I only managed to complete 20 days of Blogmas. For me, I’m proud of this. It was my first year as a blogger and therefore my first Blogmas and believe me, it takes some  hard work and dedication to complete it. So hats off to you lovely lot who managed to complete the whole of Blogmas! I will complete it this year! You can find my day 1 post here and the rest will follow on.

I didn’t do very much scheduling in December as I thought posting Blogmas every day would be enough, I have since seen the errors of my ways and how important scheduling actually can be for your blog – I’m sure there’ll be a blog post on this over the next couple of months.

There you have it, I like to think I finished 2016 on a high with my blog. How did you get on with yours?

Sam xx


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