My Birthday 2017 Haul

As some of you are aware it was my birthday last week, so I thought I’d put together a post of some of things I received. Most of my gifts was money but there were a few things to open (including a few sweet treats!)

So.. from my friends at work, I had these goodies. As you can tell I have a bit of a sweet tooth and like a drink! I was very excited when I opened the Lush Unicorn Horn!! I had seen this in store and couldn’t wait to try it!

From my besties I had all these goodies! Again, more sweet stuff, but seriously can you ever have too much? I love the light up bottle too! It says Friends are like stars. They come and go but only the true ones glow. I love this as it’s from m oldest friend and we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like, so the quote on it really is us. I really like that they have bought me some things to hang up too, most of these will be going in the bathroom as they fit in with the colour scheme. And again, Lush stuff!! I seriously can NOT get enough of Lush at the moment! My one friend also got me a Pandora charm which has my birth stone in it. This is perfect for me, as I don’t really like the glitzy ones as they’re not really very me!

And finally from my family, I had mostly money but i few little smellies and another Pandora charm – this one is my star sign. I have mention about the Avon Luck perfume.. I was given this a couple of years ago and I instantly was like oh god this is going to smell like cat pee! but I have to admit I love it! It’s really sweet but I love it and it’s so cheap too!

Thank you to all you lovely lot who send birthday wishes and gave presents and cards, I certainly have been spoilt this birthday!!

Sam xx


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