KISS Nail Review*

I had only heard of KISS Nails when I started blogging. As someone who used to have her nails done every month, false nails were something that I never really looked at when shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried false nails before and always find that you just have to hit your nail on the wrong thing or in the wrong place *ping* thete goes your nail!

I have to take my hat off to the makers of KISS though. The nails are so easy to apply and they have little tabs on each nails which makes them easier to stick down. They’re all numbered up too so you can find which one you want really quickly. 

The application for these nails are so quick and simple – I’d honestly say if it took me 10 minutes to apply them all, that’s all it took!

My concern with the nails originally was how log are these going to last?! Well… at least a week I’d say, if not two before they start to grow out and look a little tatty – basically the same amount of time as it takes for acrylic nails to go out and at half the price too! If you use them wisely too you can even get two set of nails out of the packet!

I would highly recommend these nails to anyone who wants pretty nails, at half the price of going to a salon and where the damage to your nails is nothing compare to them being filed down by a nail technician!

You can find KISS nails in most drugstores – I for one know you can get these from Boots and they do them in different shapes, lengths and colours! There is definitely a selection to choose from! 

Have you tried KISS Nails before? Whats your thoughts on them?


*Although this is a PR item, all views and opinions are my own 


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