Centre Parcs Review

A few weeks ago, Andy and myself went to Centre Parcs at Woburn Forest in Bedford for a weeks break with brother and his family.

We had been to Woburn before a couple of years ago and loved it then. We hired a tandem bike for the two of us  which was so much fun! I would highly recommend it if you ever have the chance to have a go!

We ate out at Huck’s Bar on the first day we arrived there which was amazing food. The only downside to it, is every other day it opens at 4pm. As we were eating out for dinner most days then we didn’t get chance to go back! Cafe Rouge was also a lovely place to eat. And of course we ate at the pancake house!! You can’t go to Centre Parcs and not go to the pancake house!!

As Centre Parcs is quite an expensive place to do all the activities and to eat out for every meal, we did swimming at least twice a day – which is great for most, but for me.. the pool was a little chilly for my liking, but I stuck it out for as long as I could!! The water rides were awesome there! I have been the Centre Parcs in Nottingham and there are certainly better than there, although Nottingham’s rapids are ten times better! And their outside pool is like getting into a warm bath!! Exactly how a pool should be in my eyes, but then I do feel the cold!

On the Thursday we were there was the day that Storm Doris  hit the UK. There were a few fallen trees, but by the looks of it no one was hurt and no lodges were damaged. The staff there were really quick at tidying up the aftermath so no roads or paths were blocked. We did manage to get on to a pedalo before the lake was shut, and oh my days it was freezing! It was the longest 30 minutes ever, but it was good fun to take our niece and nephew out on the boat!

Have you been to Centre Parcs before? Which one did you go to and what are your thoughts on it?

Sam xox



29 thoughts on “Centre Parcs Review

  1. I’ve never been to a Centre Parcs and don’t know many people that have! Even thought I live in Nottingham haha. Would love to go one day – all that outdoorsyness would be lovely in summer. Great post on sharing what there is to do xx

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