The Importance of Scheduling

As a newbie blogger I never understood the importance of scheduling previous posts and also scheduling new posts!

For scheduling previous posts, I use Hootsuite. It’s free and so easy to use! I will hold my hands up and say I only schedule my posts for Twitter. This is mainly because this is where most of my traffic on my blog comes from.

I have asked about previously and there is no right or wrong amount t schedule, however I have found myself that at least 5 scheduled tweets with previous posts being tweeted will generate a steady flow of traffic. If you want to do more than this – brilliant. But remember, you need to have the content to do so (it may get a little boring for your readers to see the same things coming up on Twitter day in, day out!)

For me, I schedule my tweets to post between 6pm and 12 midnight, purely for the fact that if someone comments on it, then I will be able to answer pretty much straight away!

When you schedule these tweets, it’s also important to tag in Twitter accounts such as @BblogRT as these will retweet your tweet and therefore expand your audience!

I have learnt that scheduling new posts in advance helps a heap load! I try to do 4/5 posts per month, so basically one, sometimes two, posts a week. I usually do these at a weekend, when again, the audience will be greater as more people won’t be at work. It also helps when your’re away or if you fancy a chill weekend and you already have all your posts scheduled in advance.

When I went away for nearly two weeks, I had done no scheduling and had no new content written ready to post when I was away and I can’t tell you how many Twitter followers I lost in those two weeks. I guess Twitter accounts look through to see when they’ve last heard from you and unfollow accordingly. This may not be the case, but I loss so many followers!

So, there you have it. Schedule your old posts and post them again on Twitter and schedule your new posts so they automatically post on a date and at a time of your choosing! Simple!

What do you use to schedule? How often do you schedule?

Sam xox


45 thoughts on “The Importance of Scheduling

  1. Helpful post 🙂 This is something I want to improve. I never tend to schedule my posts, I just write them mid week and upload on the Sunday. Sometimes I’m busy and they go up a little later than I’d like hence I need to start scheduling! I have only ever used tweetdeck, because like you, most of my traffic comes through twitter 🙂

    Scheduling would put my mind at ease as well. Thank you for reminding me! 😀

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  2. I totally agree! I never understood the importance of not only scheduling blog posts but scheduling tweets! I use Buffer for my tweets on Twitter, I love Buffer, it’s so easy to use and understand. I usually don’t schedule blog posts, just because I only post twice a week and it’s quite manageable for me, but if I know I’m going to be busy or away – I definitely will schedule! x

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  3. Good post! I used to schedule tweets and then forgot and have recently started again – it’s incredible the difference it makes to my stats! It’s also great scheduling in advance. I did Blogmas last year and had the majority of my posts scheduled from mid October onwards!

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  4. I schedule all of my posts. I post after 10 days and I’ve written enough blog posts to last me until June. I really have to schedule mine because I’m a full time student and the workload is insane!

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