Tarot Reading | March 2017

I’ve always had an interest in tarot cards and decided to buy a pack for myself to teach myself how to use them. I have had friends who have them and when I’ve had readings before they have been pretty much spot on.

I decided to go with a personal three card reading. As you will see from the picture there are two cards which are upside down. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad luck or a negative card what so ever, it just means that it’s weakened. They are read with the middle card being card one, the one to the left is card two and the one to the right is card three.

Card One – Six of Water

Your passion past is working its way into your present now, as you turn mistakes into experience and emerge more mature and confident. In a relationship, this means being totally honest about your problems and tackling them together, rather than looking the other way and waiting for a fairy godmother. Yes, you can give someone freedom – without fear – and find, deep within yourself, a secret sensuality.

If you have not yet found a love to last a lifetime, this could change at an outdoor event linked to selling, where ’60’s music plays.

Card Two – Sun

Drawing this card points you towards fortune, and even fame, in all areas of your life. But you have your part to play – by seizing chances as they come up instead of sitting safe and waiting for something even better. This applies particularly to your working life. You will see one problem in black and white for the first time, as well as the negative influence of one person who is driven by jealousy. But you do have the option of breaking free – careers lined to stage, screen or working with younger people would all work well.

This is an excellent time for trying out daring ideas – perhaps a home decor scheme of pure bright colours, or a brightening up of your own, recently neglected, personal image. Your social life will be extra warm and enjoyable, and place you at the centre of a least one surprise celebration.

If a family has doubted your motives before, this time you will be taken on trust, ending a time of deep suspicion. And a garden or some other piece of shared land can bring family much closer.

Your body will benefit from warmth and light, so get out and about as much as you can in the open air. And follow up with that suggestion of a sunshine break – there is a way to cut the cost.

Card Three – Water Princess

Contests that pair similar pictures, visiting a twinned town, and mixed-up music bring luck – plus the number 47

So there you have it. I’m not too sure what to make of them at the time being, but the thing with tarot cards is that they’re not always relevant for now. It could be for something that’s days, weeks, months and sometimes even years in the future. One thing for sure is that  I will be using number 47 on anything I possibly can!!

Let me know what you think of this post and if you think I should carry this on and maybe doing it once a month?

Sam xox