Merry Hill Haul

I went shopping with one of my friends the other day over to Merry Hill in Dudley which is about 30-40 minutes away from where I live. In the intention was so help her with a few bits and pieces and not to really be spending any money on myself.. Let’s just say that didn’t last long!! So, here’s what I bought:

Paperchase I LOVE Paperchase! We have a more local one to use, but it’s in Shrewsbuy and it’s basically outside and when it’s winter weather like it has been i hate going there. I’m one of those people who horde stationary. The notebooks I buy I have to have a very good reason to use! I ended up buying this trinket dish which has little penguins on and it goes perfectly in my spare room. This was only £5 so I just had to get it!

Lush Again – this is one of my favourite shops! I have only recently discovered Lush and I love everything about it! My local Lush had put an Instagram video on with a golden egg. It looked beautiful so I knew I had to get one! It was only £3.95 and I can’t wait to use it. No doubt there will be pictures and videos on my Instagram so keep an eye for them! I also picked up some lip scrub in Mint Julips which smells like Mint Choc Chip. This was £5.75 which seems a lot for such a little pot, but it appears to be one of those products that it bottomless!

Superdrug I’ll be honest I normally get most of my make up from Primark or Boots. I don’t normal go into my local Superdrug, but I thought while we were in Merry Hill it would be rude not to have a litte look about. I bought a Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in the shade Candlelight which was £1.99 and also a Revolution eyeshadow pallet in Redemption Iconic 3. This was a crazy £4.00!! Yes £4.00 for all these shades! Madness! I had seen a few bloggers who had picked up Revolution pallets and they all seemed to like them and I honestly thought they would be more expensive than £4.00. I have tried out a few of these eyeshadows and they apply so smoothly. Let’s just say I will be investing in more of these pallets that’s for sure!

Primark You can’t really go shopping and NOT go to Primark, or at least I can’t! I didn’t really buy a lot as I was trying not to spend anything but I did treat myself to a few bits. Starting with the boring stuff, I bought so oval make up remover pads. This is a pack of 100 for £0.90 which is a great deal as I use a few of these a day! I bought a small make up bag to match a bigger one I bought a few months ago, but I have decided to use this as a pencil case instead! This was £3.00. I managed to get my hands on a contouring kit. Now.. I haven’t a clue on how to contour so if you know of any good videos, please link them below. The reason I got this was because it was £2.00 and I thought it seemed daft not to get it even if it was just to have a go at contouring and seeing if I could do it. And lastly, I bought a t-shirt which has swallows printed all over them. I was a little unsure of the sizing as it looked small but it seems to be OK (definitely on the small end of the sizing though!) This was a bargain price of £2.50 which makes me happy as I remember it was only a few years ago that t-shirts and vest were only £1.00-£2.00.

Have you been on a shopping haul recently? What was your favourite buy?

Sam xox