The Importance of Scheduling

As a newbie blogger I never understood the importance of scheduling previous posts and also scheduling new posts!

For scheduling previous posts, I use Hootsuite. It’s free and so easy to use! I will hold my hands up and say I only schedule my posts for Twitter. This is mainly because this is where most of my traffic on my blog comes from.

I have asked about previously and there is no right or wrong amount t schedule, however I have found myself that at least 5 scheduled tweets with previous posts being tweeted will generate a steady flow of traffic. If you want to do more than this – brilliant. But remember, you need to have the content to do so (it may get a little boring for your readers to see the same things coming up on Twitter day in, day out!)

For me, I schedule my tweets to post between 6pm and 12 midnight, purely for the fact that if someone comments on it, then I will be able to answer pretty much straight away!

When you schedule these tweets, it’s also important to tag in Twitter accounts such as @BblogRT as these will retweet your tweet and therefore expand your audience!

I have learnt that scheduling new posts in advance helps a heap load! I try to do 4/5 posts per month, so basically one, sometimes two, posts a week. I usually do these at a weekend, when again, the audience will be greater as more people won’t be at work. It also helps when your’re away or if you fancy a chill weekend and you already have all your posts scheduled in advance.

When I went away for nearly two weeks, I had done no scheduling and had no new content written ready to post when I was away and I can’t tell you how many Twitter followers I lost in those two weeks. I guess Twitter accounts look through to see when they’ve last heard from you and unfollow accordingly. This may not be the case, but I loss so many followers!

So, there you have it. Schedule your old posts and post them again on Twitter and schedule your new posts so they automatically post on a date and at a time of your choosing! Simple!

What do you use to schedule? How often do you schedule?

Sam xox


To Do List – August 2016

I decided to change my monthly update post from ‘Goals and To Dos’ to just ‘To Dos’ as my goals will always be the same thing and I don’t want to bore everyone to death with the same thing every month!

So my to do list for August consisted of the below:

  • Scheduling tweets of previous posts – this was the first time I had done this and was fairly straight forward to do. I use HootSuite for my scheduling which has a nice layout both on mobile and desktops.
  • Get 200 followers on Twitter and retain them – we all know keep followers on Twitter can sometimes be challenging, however I started the month smashing my target anyway, so I had to make sure that I kept you all interested enough to stay following me. Good news is, I must be doing something right because I ended up with 340 on the last day of the month! Whoop – go me!
  • My most important to do was to make sure I sign up for #BloggerHalloweenParty on the 1st August, which I’m so excited I did as I’ve been invited to go!!
  • I like to plan ahead my blog posts, so I planned to do ‘What’s in my bag‘, Favourite apps‘, a charity post on ‘4Louis‘, a review of ‘Toad Diaries‘ and also my ‘July Goals and To Dos‘ – the links are all there if you haven’t read them and want to catch up on them!

September is looking very exciting, I have so much planned socially that I’m wondering when I’m going to be able to blog about it all, but I’m sure I’ll find time for it!!

Did you managed to do everything on your to do list for August? Anyone else going to #BloggerHalloweenParty?

Sam x